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The RB-79G Ball Work Type is a mobile pod that appears in Gundam Crisis.

Technology & Characteristics

This green ball was developed at the end of the One Year War, and was equipped with a huge crane arm instead of the cannon armament, and an pair of additional sub-arms were added to the working arms to enhance its performance for work. It is mainly useful at construction sites.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Crane Arm
  • Winch


In the manga "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Rebellion", in U.C. 0083, several civilian volunteers belonging to Moon Base are engaged in clearing the wreckage of the Side 5 reef space. One of the machines is boarded by a spy from the remnants of the Principality Army, and is destroyed after being transferred to the MS-21C Dra-C that comes to pick them up.

In the manga "Gundam Legacy," in the U.C. 0084, Matt Healy and May Kauwin boarded the Silver Lance, a nuclear pulse propulsion booster for interplanetary cruising developed by the remnants of the Principality Army, and drove a wire with an anchor attached into it, penetrating its interior and deactivating it.


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