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A Ball Marine Type was sortied as an underwater reconassiance unit by the Spartan while searching for Zeon Remnants. It was destroyed by an MSM-03 Gogg (Thunderbolt Ver.).

In the manga, the Ball Marine Types were later deployed in the Spartan's operations on the Rig, being used to stop evacuation crafts from leaving the Rig's surrounding waters. They were then intercepted by a Sealanth high-speed watercraft, and temporarily lost the evacuation crafts. The Sealanth was taken out by Alicia's GM, and the Ball Marine Types regained control of the area. Along with Bianca Carlyle's RX-77AQ Guncannon Aqua, three Ball Marine Types tried to intercept the Prober-class submarine carrying the potential pilots for the Psycho Zaku. However, they were disabled after being lured into the Frizzy Yard with mines, and were unable to keep pursuing.



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