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The RAX-778 G-Ray is a large mobile armor from Mobile Suit Gundam: Record of MS Wars II and Side Operation of the Zeon U.C. 0092.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The RAX-778 G-Ray is a massive experimental mobile armor developed by the Earth Federation Forces. It required a crew of three and could carry mobile suits with its MS carrier pods.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
  • Nose Beam Cannon
  • Shoulder Gun and Missile
  • Large Vulcan Cannon
  • Beam Cannon
  • 2-barrel Large Caliber Beam Cannon
  • 3-barrel Anti-air Beam Cannon
  • MS Carrier Pod


Little information exists on the G-Ray as its development was secretly carried out in Europe. It was reported to have been deployed at the Alameda base. According to Neo Zeon forces, it was encountered twice near the end of the war and destroyed in a commando operation by special forces.

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