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This page is for quotes from and about Murrue Ramius.

Quotes by Murrue Ramius

This isn't only about what happened at Alaska. We have serious doubts about the Earth Forces in their entirety. No surrender, no return to the military!

Murrue Ramius turning down Natarle Badgiruel's plea that for her to surrender., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

You kids don't understand anything! By declaring that you're neutral and have nothing to do with this, you can still distance yourselves from what's happening? You don't really believe that, do you?

Murrue Ramius, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

"We have no way of knowing what awaits us in the future, so all we can do is live in the present and do what we think is the right thing at this exact moment, and if we find out it was all a mistake, then that's when we'll waste time moaning and crying about it, and then we'll go right on to the next thing."

Murrue Ramius talking to Talia Gladys about uncertain events that await people in the future, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

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