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This page is for quotes from and about Gilbert Durandal.

Quotes by Gilbert Durandal

I didn't want to put you in the ordinary chain of command... I'm sure you don't want that either. Just think of it as a measure for convenience. After all, its name, FAITH, suggests the pledging of loyalty. After all, you just have to pledge loyalty to your own beliefs and truths."
"You are someone who abides by what you believe regardless of current trends, and someone who is capable of fighting when it is necessary, aren't you?

Gilbert Dullindal and Athrun Zala as the Chairman attempts to convince Athrun to become re-enlist as a ZAFT pilot., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny

But the things you are capable of doing, and the things you want to do... You should be the one who is most aware of the answers to those.

Gilbert Dullindal to Athrun Zala., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny


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