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Queen Gundam (aka T-Back Gundam) is a Mobile Fighter featured in Newtype Magazine. It was designed and illustrated by CLAMP.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Emphasis on speed instead of power, the weight reduction is succeeded with its feminine form. However, it has weak spots on knee joints, neck, and behind the ears. It's equipped with three "Bee" remote camera sensor, linked to its sensor cables on the back. The beam saber can be used as whip which also used to perform its ultimate attack. The finger tips and high heel can be charged with heat.



A mobile fighter of unknown origin. Also known as T-Back Gundam due to its characteristic back appearance. The gundam fighter, Ca Fe Uehara, is actually a combat android with appearance of 14 years old girl.



  • Although the name of Queen Gundam's finisher is never revealed, it's known that the fighter says the following phrase when use: "Watashi no muchi ga hikatte unaru! Kurae ai no muchi! Joō-sama tōyobi!". The first part appear to be parody of Domon Kasshu's quote when using Shining Finger.

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