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Warning: the name of this article is only a improvised name for the system, as the actual name has yet to be given by the series' creators or writers; it is thus subject to change upon the release of new information.

The Quantum Brainwave Control System (aka QBW-Control System, QBWCS) is an interface system used by Innovades and Innovators in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Description & Characteristics

QBCS is a combination of unified mental control between its user and computer. Its an advanced form of mental network control. Because the system has influence into various systems, there is a certain degree of vagueness to its complete definition. The system was originally designed for Innovade-use. The quantum computer, Veda, dispatches commands to its Innovades through Quantum Brainwaves (QBWs). As living bio-terminals that communicate through QBWs, it is a highly efficient system that streamlines thought and action with their machines.

After Innovators had taken control Veda, they fully took advantage of their own abilities and the technology they had before them. While beta testing new experimental mobile suits of their own make, the GNZ series, they created an interface control system that allows their minds to control and manage various systems within their Gundams. So long as the QBW user has the discipline, the pilot can apply it to various if-not-all to their systems for instant system control and calibrations. It can also applied it to Bit Control System for a combination of speedy and direct thought control/manipulation over remote weapons.

After Innovators was defeated and ESF established control of Veda, they used the technology and installed it upon the experimental GNMA-Y0002V Gadelaza. Its pilot is Descartes Shaman, the first to be identified as a true Innovator (second to Setsuna F. Seiei). His QBWs were studied and tuned for the QBWCS inside Gadelaza. Capt Shaman has the mental capacity to manipulate and direct commands towards his MA simply with his QBW thoughts. The system seems to work with only QBW users from class A (Innovators) and B (Innovades); C-class users (HRL super soldiers) can't. Certain mobile suits like the 00 Qan(T) also have high QBW requirements that they can only be used by Innovators.[1]

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This device is similar to the Psycommu

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