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The QRX-006 Geminus, also known as Blue Rose,[1] is a prototype mobile armor. It was featured in episode 9 of Gundam Evolve.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A massive prototype mobile armor said to be developed by the Titans, it is piloted by six Newtypes and has the nickname 'Psycho Ship'. The Geminus's intermediate form is that of a giant octahedron, but it can transform into a more traditional mobile suit form. The Geminus featured a large number of weapons, including remote control arms, numerous mega particle weapons, and compact psycommu-controlled mobile suits called "Hasta", which could execute all-range attacks. The Geminus' most powerful weapon, the scattering mega particle cannon, has the ability to hit targets on earth from space with devastating accuracy, and therefore is considered to be the first mobile armor in the UC era capable of doing so.


  • Mega Beam Gun
  • Scattering Mega Particle Cannon
  • Small Mega Particle Gun
  • Detachable Hand
  • Hasta

Special Equipment & Features

  • Psycommu System


The QRX-006 Geminus was first deployed in space near Earth, decimating the Earth Federation Space Force's fleets in the process, and three Zeta Gundam units were sent by AEUG/Karaba to engage it. After a fierce battle, the Geminus is ultimately destroyed when the MSZ-006-P2/3C Zeta Gundam P2/3C Type (Red Zeta), piloted by young Newtype Yurii Ajissah, used its unique Psyco Neutralizer system to take control of the Geminus' remote hand to crush the Geminus' head (where the control room was located), sending the Red Zeta and the giant mobile armor's burning wreckage plummeting into Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectacular explosion which covers the AEUG base in flames.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Hasta is a Sanskrit word meaning hand or hand gesture/position, and many other references to Buddhism are shown in Episode 9 such as the Chakra Laboratory and Yurii Ajissah resting on the palm of a giant Buddha statue in the ending credits.
  • The Hasta mobile suits are very similar in concept to the Bit Mobile Suits of the After War era.

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  1. Gundam Evolve, episode 9 credits

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