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Promise (約束 Yakusoku?) is the 48th episode of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Tekkadan is in a difficult predicament. A huge Gjallarhorn force then begins deploying around its Martian headquarters.


Gjallarhorn reports through the media that it will attack the following day at noon. Tekkadan discuss ways to escape from their base. Nadi mentions that there are tunnels underneath the Tekkadan base from the Calamity War that lead to Chryse. Orga decides that will be how they escape and sends Eugene with Nadi to scout the tunnel.

Orga speaks with McGillis about Tekkadan escaping through the tunnels. During the conversation, Eugene interrupts and tells Orga over an intercom that the tunnel is discovered to have collapsed over time, and Orga orders his men to dig out the dirt. McGillis offers to engage the Gjallarhorn troops, creating a diversion to allow a small band of people to leave the Tekkaden base.

McGillis later talks with Mikazuki and during the conversation notes that Mikazuki fights beautifully but for no purpose. Orga intervenes after and McGillis leaves. Orga tells Mikazuki that he can't be part of the small group leaving, so instead they reminisce about how they met and Mikazuki gives Orga his gun.

Later, McGillis engages the Gjallarhorn troops and Orga, Ride, Chad, Kudelia, and Atra use the distraction to leave Tekkadan base. Orga and co. reach the Admoss company. There, they realize Gjallarhorn has lied to the media that Tekkadan wasn't replying to calls to surrender. They then contact Makanai for help in leaving Mars and changing identities. Makanai says that while illegal, he will assist those who saved his life. Takaki enters the conversation as well, since he is now under Makanai's service. Kudelia's assistant, Cucubita, notifies Orga that he has an email from Azee. The email says that Azee heard of Tekkadan's situation on the news and that Teiwaz's Mars office will smuggle them anywhere. Orga says to communicate to the others at Tekkadan base of this new information through transmission cables in the tunnels between Chryse and the base.

Afterwards, Orga and Kudelia converse about how Tekkadan began with escorting Kudelia to Earth. Ride tells Orga that the car with Chad is ready to leave. As Orga and Ride are leaving the Admoss office, they are ambushed by three men with guns. Orga shields Ride and takes out Mikazuki's gun to fire back. The men leave due to the retaliation, but Orga dies to his gun wounds.



Next on "Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS." "McGillis Fareed."

Atra told me to think of a name for the baby, but what should it be? Oh yeah. I'll ask Orga when he gets back.

—Mikazuki Augus, Next Episode Preview

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