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Project Raven is a mobile weapon development project created by the Congress of Settlement Nations and headed by Colonel Bais Bashing in an attempt to increase the military strength of CONSENT and regain control in the Earth Sphere. It appears in the G-Saviour video game.


The A.I. used in the MW produced by Project Raven was being developed at facilities within the Kilimanjaro Fortress. After the Lightning Squad raided and destroyed the fortress, R&D moved to a hidden factory located inside Angel Halo, CONSENT produced two types of MW: the mass-produced MW-Reid and the CAMS-15 Raven. To avoid appearing aggressive, the mobile weapons were not sent to Congressional Armed Forces (CAF), and instead to the covert Gremly Sheep unit.

Following the arrest of Bais, Project Raven was shutdown in U.C. 0224, and the power balance within CONSENT restored.

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