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The Private Military Company Trust, abbreviated as PMC Trust (ピーエムシー・トラスト Pīemushī Torasuto?) is a private military contractor within Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Description & Characteristics

Based out of the Republic of Moralia, where its activities have been of singular benefit to the local economy. Its collective armed operatives form the functional mercenary equivalent of a standing army, amongst which Ali al-Saachez serves as a key field officer among them. Besides mercenary deployment on demand, the company otherwise provides services relating to the training of military personnel and the transport and development of weapons. It is currently unknown if the organization still exists four years after.


Moralia. Founded in 2284, the country borders France, and although it has a small population of 180,000, it has more than 3 million foreign workers, and much of its economy is dominated by PMC Trust. After Celestial Being appears and begins their armed interventions, the AEU and PMC Trust perform a large joint military exercise, in attempts to capture a Gundam. At a PMC Trust base, an AEU officer gives Ali a custom tuned Enact so that he can capture the Gundams. In the skies over Moralia, Allelujah takes out the attacking air forces. On the ground, Lockon uses his new full shield to block attacks from a squad of Hellions before he hits them with his sniper rifle and beam pistol. Tieria uses his cannon to take out a large number of Hellions. Patrick's Enact and a group of Hellions approach, and he's eager to take on a Gundam. Tieria fires again, destroying the Hellions and grazing Patrick's Enact. Elsewhere on the ground, Setsuna uses his new GN blades to slice apart a group of attacking Hellions. Setsuna comes under attack from Ali's Enact. A Moralian military commander is informed that they've lost about half their combat force in just two hours. The Gundams emerged from the ravine and destroy all the mobile suits defending the Moralian military headquarters. After a tense moment, the Moralians fire out a white signal flare of surrender. Moralia was then assimilated into AEU and its operations, but ultimately PMC was dissolved after the formation of Earth Sphere Federation.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The logo of the PMC Trust is based on a wolf[1], surprisingly enough it does not resemble a wolf.
  • Viewers have noted the PMC Trust to echo real-life PMCs such as Blackwater Worldwide (now Academi), which has had a role in the United States' involvement in Iraq.


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