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Prelude to Revolution(変革の序曲 Henkaku no Joyoku) is the Phase-45 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny,it first aried in Japan on August 27, 2005 abd in North America on Febuary 15,2008.


After the attack on the PLANTs by the Requiem, the Orb forces begin their preparations to leave Earth. ZAFT begins their assault on Requiem and the Minerva is sent to the front lines. Lunamaria is given the task of destroying Requiem's controls while the Destiny, the Legend, and Minerva divert the enemy's attention away from her. The Destiny and the Impulse destroy Requiem's controls. Djibril attempts an escape on the Girty Lue, but Rey discovers him and destroys the Girty Lue. Cagalli parts with the crew of the Archangel and watches the ship leave for the Moon.


ZAFT’s main squadron desperately attack the first relay station of Requiem, Fauré. Meanwhile, the Minerva is closest to the Daedalus base, and are ordered to directly attack the base and destroy the cannon alone. There is no moment to lose since they do not know how long it will take for Requiem to recharge for the second shot. Destiny and Legend Gundam sortie from the Minerva as it lands on the Moon. The Minerva hits the Daedalus base with the Tannhauser, and Shinn and Rey slay the Destroy Gundams one after another. Seizing the opportunity, Lunamaria blasts into Requiem’s control center.

In the meantime, Djibril realizes that the odds are against him and tries to fire the Requiem mid-charged. He intends to escape from the Moon while everyone is dealing with the second hit. But thanks to Lunamaria, the firing is stopped in the nick of time, and the Daedalus headquarters is also destroyed by Shinn’s Destiny Gundam. Lord Djibril’s ship is blown by Rey, and LOGOS is finally destroyed.

The citizens of the PLANTs, who have been watching a live feed, scream in joy, as Durandal, who has become the world’s most powerful leader, smiles quietly. Meanwhile, the Archangel has formally become part of the Orb’s forces and launches into space…in order to win true peace, based on freedom and independence…



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