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This is list of technology from the Post Disaster timeline of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


Alaya-Vijnana System (阿頼耶識システム(アラヤシキシステム) Araya Shiki Shisutemu?)
An organic device system implanted into the human body, it is an old type of man-machine interface.[1] [2] Apparently, the system was developed during the Calamity War to maximize the abilities of mobile suit,[3] and was required to operate certain mobile suits like the Gundam.[4] The Alaya-Vijnana System is only implanted into the spine of children as it can only fuse with growing children.[5] The implant surgery is dangerous and can have lethal side effects.[4][6] After the implantation, the subject has a protrusion on the back for physical connection to the mobile suit's cockpit and system. The Alaya-Vijnana System uses nano-machines that create a pseudo-brain lobe, which allows the subject's brain to directly process mobile suit data fed through the physical connection.[5] This also allows the subject (even uneducated ones) to operate the mobile suit for combat without reading the instruction manual.[5] As the pseudo-brain lobe also governs spatial awareness, the subject's spatial awareness is enhanced.[4] The system is informally referred to as "Whiskers".
A large network of relays that are used to facilitate long range communications.[2] Because of the jamming effects of Ahab Waves, it is impossible to communicate at long distances without it.[2][3] In addition to communications, Ariadne may also serve as a navigation assist system that will point ships to the correct direction to their destination.[3] Each relay in the network is known as a "Cocoon" and is given its own four digit identification number.[3] The relays have also been casually referred to as "transponders".[2] The network is controlled and operated by Gjallarhorn but an outsider with the correct expertise may infiltrate and use the network for their own purposes.[3]
Artificial Gravity
Ships like the Isaribi as well as stations like the Ares have been seen to possess some type of artificial gravity mechanism.[7][2]  When entering combat, they can be turned off in order to preserve power.[7] The specific methods used to facilitate are is not clear but one possibility may be related to Ahab Reactors who already are known to possess the ability to manipulate inertial effects.

Mobile Weapons

Ahab Reactors
Reactors that produces Ahab Particles/Ahab Waves that are commonly used as power-plants in mobile suits and ships.[4].[2] The particles are generated when a phase transition occurs inside it's vacuum device.[4] Their uses includes jamming communications, reducing inertial effect on the pilot and are needed in order to facilitate life in space.[2][4] Currently, the technology have been monopolized by Gjallarhorn[8] and as a result, other factions like Teiwaz had to resort to recovering old pre-Post Disaster reactors in order to use them.[9] They are thought have been cause of the Calamity War but are still widely used in spite of that.[2] Each Ahab Reactor produces a unique frequency that allows sensors to identify them to specific mobile suit units.[10]
Mobile Suits
Large humanoid-shaped mobile weapons that are around 18 meters tall. While they are powerful, they are also expensive as they require high construction and maintenance costs.[11] Because of this, they are rarely seen or used in the current era except for use by the larger military factions[11] and even for them having building them in great numbers is prohibitive.[12] They usually make use of a humanoid shape frame system,[12] in which parts and systems installed on top of it. They are usually equipped with Ahab Reactors and have Nano Laminated Armor[11] which is also a big part of their power.
Gundam Frames
Mobile suits produced around 300 years ago during the Calamity War.[4] They are able to achieve high output by using two Ahab Reactors, however because it is difficult to keep the two reactors working in parallel, only 72 units were ever produced.[4] They were produced and deployed late on in the Calamity War and played a major role in it.[12] The Gundams were also said to have been involved in several flash points throughout history that led to important outcomes.[10]  Currently, only 26 Gundams are confirmed to still be in existence.[13]
Nano Laminated Armor
A powerful defensive type of paint or coating that is applied on the surface of a mobile suit's armor.[4][14] It is powerful to the point where ranged firearms can not score decisive hits against them and may only shave off small pieces of it.[11] Because of its power and widespread usage, anti-mobile suit melee weapons are frequently used as striking weapons are best for dealing damage to it.[4][8] In addition to melee attacks, it is also weak against napalm based attacks which have the capability to melt it altogether.[7] The armor strength is positively influenced by Ahab Waves, thus if the Ahab Reactor shuts down the armor's capability will drop. However as the foundation is strong, the drop is minimal. It is also possible for the Nano Laminated Armor from one part of a mobile suit to be taken and painted over another section.[14]
Mobile Workers
Small mobile weapons that can be used for combat, transporting materials or other daily work.[15] Their sizes are much smaller than that of mobile suits and the performance in general is far inferior but at the same time they are also much cheaper and more common.[11] Their weaponry are usually unable to do much damage to mobile suits as they possess Nano Laminated Armor.[11]


  • Alaya-Vijnana is Sanskrit for "All-encompassing foundation consciousness," which is taken from the Buddhist philosophy of the Eight Consciousnesses.
  • The jamming of communications by Ahab Waves generated by the Ahab Reactors is similar to how Minovsky particle (generated by the reactors of space ships and mobile suits) jam wireless communication and radars in the Universal Century timeline.


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