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Post Disaster Earth Map.jpg Map of Earth PD 001.

Post Disaster is the timeline introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.


P.D. (Post Disaster) Calendar
P.D. 001
The nations of Earth and Mars accept the "Vingolf Proclamation" issued by Gjallarhorn. The interplanetary war that has spread destruction through the Earth Sphere and the Outer Sphere comes to an end. This conflict, which has produced more casualties than any other war in history, is described in the proclamation as the "Calamity War" and is thereafter known by that name.
With the cooperation of Gjallarhorn, Earth is organized into four economic blocs in order to reconstruct the divided Earth Sphere. These are the African Union, the Oceanian Federation, SAU and Arbrau. Earth begins its post-war recovery under this new world order.
P.D. 002
At the "Malta Conference" the four economic blocs conclude a treaty to divide and rule Mars. At their request, Gjallarhorn dispatches a large force to recreate the Martian governmental structure from scratch.
P.D. 003
Gjallarhorn redraws Mars's national borders, and each city is placed under the control of one of Earth's economic blocs. The four economic blocs force to recreate the Martian governmental structure from scratch. The blocs begin wholeheartedly interfering in Martian affairs, and Mars enters a lengthy colonial period.
P.D. 123
The Montag Company is founded by Clive Montag and enters the infrastructural business, which is still in the process of reconstructing infrastructures damaged by the Calamity War.
P.D. 205
Arbrau's government grants limited autonomy to its martian territories.
P.D. 208
The Oceanian Federation also recognizes limited autonomy of its Martian territories.
P.D. 236
Last of all, the African Union also recognizes Martian autonomy. However, as Mars remains subject to harsh economic agreements, it is in effect entering an era of puppet governments.
P.D. 312
On Mars, a movement begins to protest economic disparities with Earth.
P.D. 314
In her speech at the "Noachis July Assembly", Kudelia Aina Bernstein calls for economic independence from Earth, and cooperative movements emerge in every city.
P.D. 323. October 31st [1]
Gjallarhorn attacks the Mars-based security company CGS's headquarters in an attempt to assassinate Kudelia Aina Bernstein. Their attempts were thwarted due to actions of CGS's Third Group.
P.D. 325
SAU and Arbrau engage in a month long border war. Tensions first rose after a bombing of Togonosuke Makanai's office and escalated as the two blocs amass their forces at the Balfour Plain. Hostilities erupted after an SAU reconnaissance plane crashed due to accidental Ahab Wave interference from Arbrau's Mobile Suits. The war was not resolved until Makanai recovered from his coma.



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