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Pretending to surrender with the Double Zeta as an offering, Judau once again goes to Axis. But Glemy, thinking that Judau and Roux are in a relationship, has Judau imprisoned. Judau tricks Ple into letting him go, but the angry Elpeo Ple takes Leina back and then flies off in pursuit in the Qubeley Mk-II.


Having snuck onboard Glemy Toto's ship the Sandra Judau pretends to defect but after Mondo telling Glemy that Judau is a womaniser and Ple showing up clearly in love with Judau Glemy throws him in the brig for no other reason. Glemy calls out to Roux not to pilot Zeta Gundam and in spite of being space and neither of them being Newtypes Roux hears this. Ple opens up the brig's ventilation shaft and releases Judau who then puts the handcuffs on her and makes his way to the ventilation shaft. Ple handcuff Leina intending to use her as bait to attract Judau. Elle and Roux attack, destroying 2 Axis mobile suits and blowing a hole in the ship. Mondo and Beecha start making their way out of the Sandra in the ZZ but Glemy sees this and comes after them thinking Judau is operating it when in fact Judau is hovering around right in his path, so close that Glemy mistakes Judau's red jacket for garbage. Just as he was about to kill Judau Elle fires a blast from the side which knocks Glemy back then she destroys another mobile suit. Having made their way into Axis itself Ple and Judau argue leading to Ple getting furious and trying to kill him without caring about the collateral damage she was causing. She only stops after Leina tells her that if she goes ahead without caring about the damage she causes then Judau will hate her. The funnels fall to the ground and the psycommu stops working then Glemy shows up. Judau heads back into space to discover that the Argama is under attack. With the Hyper Mega Particle Cannon ready to fire at Axis Bright orders all units to retreat and it to be fired at Axis' engine section. Thinking of the children he saw at the Axis playground Judau stands in the way only to be restrained and dragged off by Elle and Roux. After a little hesitation Bright orders the Cannon to fire and it destroys 2 Axis mobile suits in its path. Judau, Beecha and Mondo get thrown in the brig meaning in the same episode Judau gets thrown in the brigs of both sides' ships.

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