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The Plasma Diver Missile (プラズマダイバーミサイル Purazuma Daibā Misairu?) is a large missile weapon featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series.

Description & Characteristics

The Plasma Diver Missile is a gigantic missile weapon that its use is prohibited due to its overwhelmingly destructive power. While still in development stage, its destructive capacity remains incalculable but suggested on par with Vagan's Colony Destroyer. In the final episode, the power is revealed to be as large as the Second Moon itself.

Upon detonation, the explosion forms a plasma field that emits a super-fast microwave that targets cellular tissue, leaving no corpse fragments.


Kio Arc

Flit Asuno gains permission to use it during the mission to recapture Luna Base. Later, Flit Asuno tries to use it to destroy Second Moon during the Battle of La Gramis before being convinced by Kio to give up his grudge.


  • In the novel version, it was revealed to be one of the relics from the Colony Nations War.


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