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Plamo-Kyoshiro (プラモ狂四郎 Puramokyōshirō?) is a 1982 manga written by Hisashi Yasui and illustrated by Koichi Yamato. It was published from August 20th, 1982 until December 17th, 1986 in Comic BomBom magazine. It is the progenitor of the modern Build Series, and the first major work to be set outside of the Universal Century, with some of its designs later being incorporated into the MSV Series of publications.


The story focuses on Shiro Kyoda, a young man from Tamiya City and a student of the Bandai Elementary School, on his quest to represent Japan in and win the Plamo Simulation World Tournament. The manga is divided into four arcs:

  • The CraftMan Model Shop
  • The Plamo Simulation Tournament
  • The Model Secret Book
  • Hobby-Topia

Plamo Simulation[]


Shiro in the Simulation. The images go into his head through the simulation helmet.

In Plamo-Kyoshiro, the system used for Gunpla Battle is known as Plamo Simulation. The battles take place through a device called the Plamo Simulation Machine, for which the players place their models into the domes of the machine, manually input their specs and wear a specialized projector helmet, before commencing battle through exclaiming "Plamo Simulation, Go!"

The battle is projected directly into the minds of the players, with external monitors being set up for spectators; in league matches, damage to the models is simulated in the real world through use of lasers and arms inflicting damage to the scanned plamo according to the damage taken in the simulation battle; this is turned off for training. Like in the rest of the Build Series, quality of construction and materials affects the overall performance of the model kit. The World Simulation tournament uses a device called Biochip Plamo Controller (BCPC), which includes player biodata and is installed in the model kit to boost it via the pilot's psychic power; taking out this chip is the win condition of a tournament match.

On top of preset maps based on typical scenery within the Gundam franchise, players are also given the option to scan dioramas to set as custom battlegrounds.

Player avatars in the simulation depend on the suit piloted; a Federation or Zeon machine would result in receiving the respective pilot suit for the duration of the battle, and taking a model from another franchise into battle gives the pilot an outfit in reference to that franchise.


See List of Plamo Kyoshiro Characters (provisional) as reference for creating these character pages in proper, after which that provisional page should be deleted without further ado

  • Shiro Kyoda 
  • Futoshi Kurata
  • Midori Kurata
  • Ken Maruyama
  • Koichi Kida
  • Tomita
  • Hirofumi Fujii
  • Iwaki Tetsuo
  • Hitto-Kun
  • Akira Yamane
  • Muraoka
  • Nanbangzan Mountain
  • Kuraii IchiroThe Kageyama Siblings
  • Tenma Brothers
  • Ushiwaka Brothers
  • Black Mountain team
  • Zeon Shonen Tai Group
  • Cybot Kioshiro
  • Kiyoshiro Anoyo
  • Miao
  • Stream Base of Third Generation
  • Mito Hiroemon
  • Shigeto Iwao
  • Golden Horn
  • Silver Horn
  • Saki's Five
  • Saki Takeda
  • The Main Computer
  • Stream Based
  • Kazuzo Ozawa
  • Hitoshi Hayami
  • Yoshimitsu Otsu
  • Kazunari Araki


See List of Plamo Kyoshiro Characters (provisional) as reference for creating these character pages in proper, after which that provisional page should be deleted without further ado

Shiro's Side[]

Rival Side[]

Plastic Models of other Franchises[]

Unlike the Build Series, Plamo-Kyoshiro notably features model kits from outside of the Gundam franchise. some of these include:

Other Plamo/RC Vehicles[]

Production Notes[]

Plamo big foto

Kyoshiro production staff. Crouched in the first row, from left to right, Koichi Yamato, Kazuzo Ozawa and Shinkachiro Tanaka (Former chief editor of comic bombom magazine). standing behind, from left to right, Masahiro Oda, Masaya Takahashi, Hisashi Yasui, Katsumi Meijin Kawaguchi and unknown

(reference 1 here). (reference 2 here)

Plamo-Kyoshiro was written by Hisashi Yasui and illustrated by Koichi Yamato. In October 15, 1981, Kodansha had released the first issue of its magazine Comic Bom Bom. Mobile Suit Gundam was extremely popular at that time. Although the Gundam boom was centered at the higher age group, the fire slowly spread to the lower age group in the form of gunpla and thus it was decided to mainly publish gunpla content. At that precise moment, the publisher was planning to launch a manga adaptation of the Mobile Suit Gundam movies, but the publisher was unable to get Sunrise's authorization on time. As an alternative plan, the publisher contacted Hisashi Yasui to create a new series. That's how Plamo-Kyoshiro was born .

In 1979 was released Mobile Suit Gundam , the first series of the Gundam franchise. In 1980 The toy company Bandai began to penetrate for the first time on the sale of plastic models , a hobby quite widespread in the world, but hardly known in Japan at that time. To publicize this new product, Bandai sponsored events and specialized magazines (SF Plamo Magazine, Hobby Japan Magazine) in the hobby of Plastic models along with other advertising techniques. The Plamo-Kyoshiro manga was created as a tool to publicize the plastic models that Bandai was launching at the time.

Original The stream based

from left to right: Katsumi Meijin Kawaguchi, Masahiro Oda, and Masaya Takahashi

The story of the Manga and the idea of Plamo Battles were concepts specially designed to arouse the interest of the readers for the hobby of Plastic models. In the manga, the characters appear buying plastic models of Gundam Series and from other famous anime series, TV series and feature films, as well as models of airplanes tanks and other models of vehicles to use them in the simulation. In addition, the characters appear customizing and creating their own original models of  Vehicles and Robots. Apart from this, the characters can be seen using branded products from companies dedicated to the Plastic model industry and numerous references to famous companies, products and people related to this hobby.

The producers of the comic also gave the opportunity to real people to appear caricatured in the manga. editors of modeling magazines, illustrators of hobby magazines, prominent employees of model making companies and young practitioners of this pastime also appeared caricatured in the comic.

Throughout the manga they appear teaching Shiro how to build the models, what materials to use and what techniques to apply in the construction of them. These explanations are accompanied by very detailed illustrations so that readers could learn implicitly how to assemble the models.

The manga, besides showing implicit tutorials, there were also magazines like SF Plamo Magazine and (images above) that also had tutorials. In the images above you can see Kazuzo Ozawa caricatured explaining how to build models and images of Shiro Kyoda.


Plamo-Kyoshiro is the spiritual ancestor of the entire Gunpla series of shows and mangas, carrying most of the reputation of the format up until the success of Gundam Build Fighters. The list of works tracing its roots directly back to it is therefore: Shin Plamo Kyoshiro Hyper Senshi Gundam Boy Plamo Wars Gunpla Koshien Gunpla Musashi Gunpla Extreme Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G Gundam Build Fighters

The success of Plamo Kyoshiro marked a trend at the time of its publication and several publishers wanted to have a manga on battles of plastic models. Coro Coro Comic (the rival and competitor of Comic Bom Bom) launched a few similar-themed manga such as Plamo Tensai Esper Taro, 3D Koshien Plamo Daisaku, Majin Eiyuuden Wataru and Majin Kaihatsu Daisakusen. Hobby Boy Hitto-kun was another manga that was published in Terebi Magazine 2 (a sister magazine of Comic Bom Bom ).


Musha Gundam (武者 頑駄無 Musha Gandamu?) are Gundam units modelled after samurai, ninja, or other forms of feudal Japanese warriors. Musha Gundam first appeared in Plamo Kyoshiro. the Musha Gundam is an original Gundam created by Kyoshiro for a showdown with Shigeru (antagonist).

The Musha Gundam has led to a successful Gundam Sub-franchise and is the most extensive of the Gundam SD series

Publication History[]

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Derived Publications / Spin Off[]

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Gunpla and Action Figures[]

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Appearances in games[]

Shiro Kyoda and his Perfect Gundam have made appearances in the following videogames:
SD Gundam G Generation F
SD Gundam G Generation F-IF
SD Gundam G Generation Neo
SD Gundam G Generation SEED
Another Century Episode 3 THE FINAL
Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost
Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost

Additionally, they have appeared in the Gundam War series of card games.


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