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Phantom Pain is an irregular special forces unit within the OMNI Enforcer. Their official name is the 81st Independent Mobile Group (第81独立機動群).


Though officially part of the OMNI Enforcer, in reality, they are essentially the private army of Logos, and answer directly to its leader, Lord Djibril. Composed mainly of the best handpicked Alliance personnel and equipment. When goods and staff are requested by Phantom Pain, other forces are expected to respond and accommodate without delay. They also have the authority to take command of other OMNI Enforcer units on the frontline. Only a small number of OMNI Enforcer officers are aware of the details of Phantom Pain.

Most members of Phantom Pain are Blue Cosmos members or sympathizers, and it is funded by Logos behind the scenes. Blue Cosmos also runs Phantom Pain's training facility, which forcefully recruits children, indoctrinates them with a strong hatred against Coordinators, and subjects them to intensive military training. The Lodonia Lab provides Phantom Pain with Biological CPUs.

Though they also take on regular missions, most of their missions are black operations, such as attacking civilian targets, non-belligerent states, and targets protected by the Junius Treaty. They also operate a number of technologies banned by the Junius Treaty, including Mirage Colloid and Neutron Jammer Canceller.


It is unknown when the Phantom Pain was founded, though since Sven Cal Bayang was forcefully recruited by the group when he was still a child, it can be assumed that it already existed in some form before the First Alliance-PLANT War.

Second Alliance-PLANT War

Armory One Incident

On C.E. 73, October 2nd, a Phantom Pain unit led by Neo Roanoke attacked ZAFT colony Armory One. Team members Sting Oakley, Auel Neider, and Stella Loussier infiltrated the colony and stole three Second Stage Series prototypes.

Skirmish on the Indian Ocean

The Battle of Dardanelles

The Battle of Crete

Battle of Berlin

Known Members

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