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Phantom Pain is an irregular special forces unit within the OMNI Enforcer. Their official name is the 81st Independent Mobile Group (第81独立機動群).


Though officially part of the OMNI Enforcer, in reality, they are essentially the private army of LOGOS, and answer directly to its leader, Lord Djibril. They are composed mainly of the best handpicked Alliance personnel and equipment. When goods and staff are requested by Phantom Pain, other forces are expected to respond and accommodate without delay. They also have the authority to take command of other OMNI Enforcer units on the frontline. Only a small number of OMNI Enforcer officers are aware of the details of Phantom Pain.

Most members of Phantom Pain are Blue Cosmos members or sympathizers, and it is funded by LOGOS behind the scenes. Blue Cosmos also runs Phantom Pain's training facility, which forcefully recruits children, indoctrinates them with a strong hatred against Coordinators, and subjects them to intensive military training and brainwashing. The Lodonia Lab provides Phantom Pain with Biological CPUs.

Though they also take on regular missions, most of their missions are black operations, such as attacking civilian targets, non-belligerent states, and targets protected by the Junius Treaty. They also operate a number of technologies banned by the Junius Treaty, including Mirage Colloid and Neutron Jammer Canceller.


Second Alliance-PLANT War

Armory One Incident

On C.E. 73, October 2nd, a Phantom Pain unit led by Neo Roanoke attacked ZAFT colony Armory One. Team members Sting Oakley, Auel Neider, and Stella Loussier infiltrated the colony and stole three Second Stage Series prototypes.[1][2]

Skirmish on the Indian Ocean

Neo borrows dozens of Windams from the squad deployed to the Alliance’s base for construction in the peninsula not far away. With the reinforcements, Neo attacks the Minerva with Sting. Athrun and Shinn intercept. But it was apparently Neo’s cunning diversionary tactic. Abyss Gundam that went deep underwater approaches near the Minerva. Then Shinn pursues the Gaia which eventually leads to a construction base where citizens are enslaved to build the base. Auel then battles Rey and Lunamaria underwater and Auel was able to destroy the Degtyarev by a single blow with hardly a backward glance. After the battle was not going towards their favor, Neo calls a signal flare for all Phantom Pain members to retreat back to the Spengler-class vessel, the John Paul Jones.[3]

Battle of Dardanelles

Phantom Pain and a Earth Alliance fleet intercept the Minerva in the Dardanelles strait. Due to the new treaty being signed, the Orb Union supports the Earth Alliance fleet with mobile suits and a fleet of their own. Neo sends out the three Gundam units stolen at Armory One, as well as a number of Windams. The Freedom from the Archangel disables countless Orb and Earth Alliance mobile suits as well as the Abyss's turbines while underwater. Phantom Pain eventually disengaged the battle after most of their mobile suits were destroyed or disabled. The Orb fleet was also forced to withdraw from the battle, mostly because of the same reason.[4]

Battle of Crete

The battle group under the command of Neo supported the Orb Naval Fleet as well as participated in the ambush of the Minerva. The Abyss and Chaos units engaged Shinn's Impulse and Athrun's Saviour respectively. The Freedom managed to disable the Chaos from an intercepting attack. Shinn also managed to destroy the Abyss, killing its pilot Auel Neider. After the chaotic conflict, Neo called for a retreat of Earth Alliance units to withdraw from the battlefield.[5]

Battle of Berlin

Phantom Pain unveiled its most critical weapon, the GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam, piloted by Stella, on Berlin. It had met ZAFT opposition during transportation and in the city. Sven Cal Bayang and his team were among the defenders before heading to the attack on the DSSD, though at the cost of Mudie Holcroft's life.

After reaching Berlin, the Destroy Gundam wreaked havoc on the civilians and ZAFT soldiers there. Later, the Archangel arrived, and Kira in his Freedom and Cagalli in her Strike Rouge engaged the Alliance forces involved in the attack. The Minerva subsequently showed up, and Shinn joined the fray with his Force Impulse Gundam. He tried to on his own to attack the Destroy, only to be notified by Neo that Stella was the pilot.

Shinn managed to remind Stella of who he was, calming her down. Meanwhile, Sting's Chaos was downed by a trio of Murasames, and Neo's windam was shot down. Neo was then brought onto the Archangel. Believing that her two comrades were dead, combined with the sight of the Freedom, caused Stella's tampered mind to lash out as she prepared to fire the Destroy's Multi-phase beam cannons. However, Kira struck the Destroy with Freedom's beam saber before it could fire and the machine fell to the ground.

After the battle, Shinn pulled Stella out of the Destroy's cockpit, but the injuries she sustained caused her to die soon after, leading Shinn to swear revenge on Kira for Stella's death.[6]

Battle of Heaven's Base

Known Members

Notes & Trivia

  • "Phantom Pain" is a medical condition that a painful feeling is coming from a body part that's no longer physically part of the patient's body.


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