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Peggy Lee (ペギー・リー?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.


Peggy Lee is a member of the Shrike Team, an all-female mobile suit team that serves as the League Militaire's primary combat unit against the Zanscare Empire. As with the other members, she pilots a LM111E02 Gun-EZ.

Along with the rest of the Shrike Team, Peggy escorts the League Militaire to Arti Gibraltar, where they launch into space. Once in space, she and the others link up with the League Militaire's battleships, the Gaunlaund and the Reinforce, and continue to fight Zanscare.[1]

During an operation against the Zanscare fleet, Peggy encountered and fought Chronicle Asher. Peggy was quickly overwhelmed, and avoided death only when Uso Ewin arrived to drive off Chronicle. However, Peggy did not escape unscathed: her Gun-EZ lost its legs and left arm, and an explosion in the cockpit burned Peggy's legs.[2]

Marbet Fingerhat brings Peggy to the nearby Fishbone patrol craft to be patched up. There, they determine that Peggy needs further medical attention, but realize they have been drawn away from the Reinforce and cannot quickly return to it without being noticed by the Zanscare forces. Marbet hatches a plan to infiltrate Zanscare's Amelia colony by pretending to be a Zanscare ship that captured Peggy, and once inside, take her to a local clinic while the rest launch an attack and escape during the confusion. However, Peggy breaks from the plan by sneaking into her Gun-EZ and joining Uso and Marbet in hiding in the Zanscare mobile suit hangar, in order to protect the children of the Fishbone from harm. The trio are ultimately discovered and a fight breaks out; as her Gun-EZ is damaged, Uso carries it on the back of his mobile suit as they attempt to escape.[2] As Chronicle gains the upper hand against Uso, Peggy sacrifices herself to give Uso an opportunity to escape. She briefly immobilizes Chronicle before he strikes her mobile suit cockpit with his beam saber, killing her.[3]



  • Peggy Lee is named after real-world singer Peggy Lee.