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Patrick Mannequin (パトリック・マネキン Patorikku Manekin?) is a fictional character in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready.

Personality & Character

A representative of Ireland and regular participant in the Gunpla Battle World Championship. He has a comical and overconfident personality. His wife, with his baby, travels to give him support during the Championship, and he would passionately shouts out his love to his wife freely, not caring that other people observe him.

Skills & Abilities

He has finished in the top 16 for three consecutive years since the 6th World Championship. He has a bold battle style, and his flashiness keep the audience captivated. However, he tends to use tactics that rely more on luck than ability, so there are times when he is utterly defeated. Pilots the GNX-803ACC Accelerate GN-X in the 8th World Championship.



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