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The Panama Base is a Earth Alliance military facility located near the Panama Canal on the border of the North and South American continents.


It is the base where the mass driver facility "Porta Panama" is located and is one of the supply routes to the Ptolemaeus Lunar Base. It was built in C.E. 17 as a joint national project of the Atlantic Federation and the United States of South America. When the United States of South America accepted the PLANT's "positive neutrality recommendation" of Siegel Clyne in C.E. 70, it was militarily occupied by the Earth Alliance and the South American continent was forcibly absorbed into the Atlantic Federation.


First Alliance-PLANT War

It was the last remaining large spaceport for the Earth Alliance after the fall of the Kaohsiung spaceport in East Asia and the Victoria spaceport in Africa, but on May 25, C.E. 71, during the ZAFT invasion of Panama, the entire mass driver was destroyed by "Gungnir," a special anti-electronic weapon used by the ZAFT. All weapons and facilities on the Earth Alliance side, which lacked EMP countermeasures, ceased functioning and lost their combat capability. After the battle, all surrendering soldiers were brutally murdered by the insanely vengeful ZAFT troops as revenge for their lost comrades during Operation Spitbreak.[1]




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