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The Panama Base is a military facility and spaceport on Earth in the Cosmic Era timeline.


Beside the Victoria Base, the Panama Base was another important military base of the Earth Alliance. The base was the location of the "Porta Panama" Mass Driver which was developed by the Atlantic Federation and the United States of South America (the latter being annexed by the Atlantic Federation at the start of the First Alliance-PLANT War) in CE 71.

Like the other Alliance spaceports, the Panama base was an important strategic target of ZAFT and after the disastrous failure of Operation Spitbreak, ZAFT launched another attack on the base which was conducted on May 25, CE 71. Although ZAFT deployed only a small number of mobile suits, the mission is successful thanks to the use of a new EMP-weapon called "Gungnir", which not only disabled all units of the Earth Alliance (like the new mass-produced GAT-01 Strike Dagger) but also destroyed the mass driver itself. After the battle, all surrendering Alliance soldiers were brutally murdered by the insanely vengeful ZAFT troops as revenge for their lost comrades during Operation Spitbreak.

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