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The ovw-dc Wrozzo is an amphibious Vagan mobile suit from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Its pilots include Darrest Goon and Leil Light.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Wrozzo is an amphibious mobile suit developed by the Vagan for use in both swampy and underwater terrain. Compared to the Gomel, which is designed on the same platform but specialized for deserts, the Wrozzo is more streamlined in design in Mobile Armor (MA) mode, able to cruise underwater using special propulsion engines. It is also seen that the Wrozzo has decent ground combat capabilities. Like the Gomel, the Wrozzo is armed with shiguru claws and missile launchers on its forearms and a beam cannon in its chest.


  • Wrozzo Cannon
Mounted on the chest. It fires a very wide beam and is mainly used for attacking enemies that stand before the Wrozzo.
  • Shiguru Claw
The Wrozzo lacks the hand-mounted beam vulcans/sabers featured on many other Vagan mobile suits. Instead, it is armed with deadly, claw-like fingers for striking or piercing enemy mobile suits at close range.
  • Missile Launcher
A missile launcher is located on each forearm for a total of two launchers, and they can be used on land and in underwater combat.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Plasma Particle Bomb
Loaded onto a few Wrozzo, it is an explosive device that releases electromagnetically infused plasma to generate immense heat, producing a destructive shock wave. This powerful bomb was used in A.G. 164 during the Vagan attack on Rostroulan in an attempt to detonate the base's energy plants.


Multiple Wrozzo units were deployed during the battle of Rostroulan in A.G. 164. A squad of these machines were led by Zeheart Galette, who piloted the customized Ovw-dc-2gc Wrozzo R. Zeheart's squad entered the base after destroying part of the base's outer wall using missiles. Once inside, they planted plasma particle bombs in several locations. Unfortunately, the plan to destroy the base from the inside was unsuccessful, with all the bombs eventually found and removed.



Notes & Trivia

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