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Overflags is the official title of the Anti-Gundam Investigative Taskforce, it is also known on the surface as 8th Independent Tactical Air Squadron. It was a team made up of researchers and elite pilots from the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, assembled for the purpose of defeating, capturing, and analyzing the Gundams in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The team was led by Professor Ralph Eifman, for research and development and Union ace Graham Aker for military missions. The team is named after its main stay mobile suit the SVMS-01O Over Flag.


The Overflag Squadron was formed in 2307 AD in response to the Armed Interventions performed by Celestial Being. Led by Graham Aker and spearheaded by Professor Eifman, Overflags was composed of top Aces handpicked across the Union and assigned custom tooled SVMS-01O Over Flag for operations. The Overflags' first major mission was the joint military operation in the Taklamakan Desert, where their objective was to capture the GN-002 Gundam Dynames. While they suffered their first casualty, Joshua Edwards, who had recklessly rushed the Gundam, the Overflags accomplished their objective and disabled the mobile suit. However, the intervention by Team Trinity turned the battle against them as the outclassed mobile suits lost more pilots and were forced to withdraw in defeat. Soon afterward Overflags suffered additional losses in a subsequent intervention by Trinity, losing Officer Mason and more significant Dr Eifman. With significant losses in personnel and transfers to the new GN-X mobile suit squad, Overflags ostensibly disbanded, save for Graham Aker who flew a final sortie under the Overflag's Banner.


In 2314 A.D., Graham led a new team of pilots called The Solbrave Squadron, whose units, the GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type) and Graham's GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type), where direct descendants of the Flags used by The Overflags. Also like Overflags, the Solbraves are named after their main unit.



Flag Fighters


It is believed that the teams headquarters is the Mobile Suit Warehouse And Development base, as that is where they are seen the majority of the time.


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