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Over the Rainbow is the seventh and final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


In Cheyenne, Wyoming, a convoy of cars carrying Alberto VistMartha Vist Carbine, and Ronan Marcenas enters an underground base. There, the engineers complete final preparations of something named "System". Inside the control center, the base commander greets Martha, who inquires about the current situation. She compares the dissolved relationship between the Nahel Argama and Neo Zeon to oil and water. Though the Nahel Argama has fallen behind the Rewloola in the race to Industrial 7, the Dogosse Giar-class General Revil is in pursuit and the special operations machine from the General Revil is currently in battle. The commander hands Ronan the controls to System, giving him a clear line of fire. He states that the act they are about to commit will be one that destroys Laplace's Box and will sow the seeds for a new one to be born, continuing the relationship between the EFSF and the Vist Foundation at the cost of a colony. "System" is revealed to be the colony laser Gryps 2. 

Above the Earth, Bright Noa is stunned to hear from Kai Shiden that the Federation has restarted the Gryps 2 colony laser. Wondering if they're going to incinerate everything, Kai says that the foundation no longer cares about the current Box and would rather destroy it than let another party possess it. Fretting that he has no way of contacting the Nahel Argama, which is engaged in battle with the Sleeves, Bright tells Kai to send a evacuation order to Industrial 7. Kai tells him that he's in a tough position, but Bright gives the command to the Ra Cailum to descend to Earth to try and stop the firing. 

In space, Banagher Links in the RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam clashes with Riddhe MarcenasRX-0[N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn. At the same time, the Nahel Argama begins its preparations for anti-air combat and launches its forces to engage the Sleeves's units. Conroy Haagensen mans a Mega Bazooka Launcher with his RGM-89De Jegan (ECOAS Type), giving the crew the signal to open fire. The Nahel Argama's defence is whittled away by a MSN-03 Jagd Doga, while a AMX-107 Bawoo charges itself towards the bridge. It is then destroyed by the AMS-129 Geara Zulu units from the Garencieres.  

Banagher tells Riddhe to get out of the Banshee as it's a dangerous machine to no avail. Banagher tries to explain that Full Frontal will get to the Box before them if they keep fighting each other, but Riddhe blames his involvement in the conflict on Banagher. Riddhe dodges the Unicorn's attacks, and the two suits' psycoframes begin to provoke each other. Banagher tells an irate Riddhe that he's unable to hold back the Unicorn any longer. Feeling that Banagher is mocking him, Riddhe activates the Banshee NT-D, causing the Unicorn's to activate as well. Banagher asks Riddhe why they're fighting each other, and both Takuya Irei and Micott Bartsch are stunned to hear the Ensign's voice. Riddhe argues that he's a Federation soldier and it's his duty to stop them from reaching Laplace's Box. The whole bridge is shocked to hear Riddhe's voice, while Riddhe angrily tells Banagher that he's full of himself since he's a Newtype. 

The Nahel Argama picks up more enemy units on sensors, this time led by Angelo Sauper in his YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu. Inside, Angelo proclaims that Frontal is the only one worthy of Laplace's Box and that he'll crush every one of them. After taking out a few units with the Mega Bazooka Launcher, Conroy falls under attack from Angelo, who destroys the weapon. Just then, Marida Cruz asks for permission to launch in the NZ-666 Kshatriya Repaired. However, Liam Borrinea tells Mihiro Oiwakken to stop her from launching as she's in no condition to fight. Suberoa Zinnerman, to the surprise of Mineva Lao Zabi, enters the bridge, telling them to let her launch. His plan is to send the Kshatriya to fight the Banshee so that Banagher in the Unicorn can break through the Sleeves forces with its firepower. Otto Midas tries to explain Marida's condition, but Zinnerman says that they'll all be killed if they do nothing. Furthermore, they'll make use of the enemy's approach trajectory to determine where the Sleeve support ships are, then use the Hyper Mega Particle Cannon to destroy the Rewloola's support ships. Zinnerman asks Marida not to overdo it since she nor the Kshatriya are at full strength. Marida then thanks Zinnerman and takes off, cutting off the visual feed. In need of a combat advisor, Otto asks Zinnerman to take the combat advisor's seat. 

The two Unicorn units continue to clash, with Riddhe stating that Newtypes are at the center of the curse of Laplace's Box, and believes that Banagher should be the sacrifice to end the curse. He charges up close and says that both he and Banagher are the heirs of their respective cursed families, and if both of them disappear, so will the century's worth of karma. Banagher asks if he's serious, and Riddhe explains that the Box was meant to be a prayer, but the emergence of Newtypes changed everything. The two psycoframes begin to create their own psycofields, and Banagher tells Riddhe to calm down since he's being swallowed up by the Banshee. However, Riddhe believes that selling his soul for the eradication of all Newtypes is a small price to pay. Banagher then tells him that Riddhe himself is a Newtype, and that the orange light from the Banshee is coming from his heart. He even tells him to try and listen to those that care about him, like Mineva and Mihiro. Riddhe shouts at Banagher to shut up and fires the Banshee's vulcans wildly, destroying the Unicorn's shield. 

Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Marida, who tells Banagher to clear a path for the Nahel Argama while she holds off Riddhe. Meanwhile, the ship comes under attack from a AMX-101E Schuzrum Galluss. A RGM-89D Jegan and a Geara Zulu work together against the Schuzrum Galluss, but it disables both units with the help of a AMX-102 Zssa. Conroy then takes out the Zssa with some grenades, but is attacked by the Galluss. It is promptly disabled by the arrival of Banagher in the Unicorn. Taking a beam rifle from a disabled ReZEL, Banagher disables the attacking Sleeve units one after the other. Briefly clashing with an AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn, Banagher pushes off the suit and fires the grenades, vulcans, and Gatling guns to disable the Sleeves units. A AMX-011 Zaku III tries to pursue Banagher, but is swiftly destroyed by Angelo's Rozen Zulu. Banagher is shocked that Angelo would kill his own men, but Angelo states that they were a blight that only pretended to be loyal to their cause and deploys the Rozen's Psyco Jammer bits against Banagher. Though Banagher is able to destroy some, the bits trap the Unicorn inside a jamming field, forcibly deactivating its Destroy Mode and causing pain to Banagher. Angelo admits to Banagher that he couldn't stand him ever since they first met, and screams at him to die as he attacks the Unicorn. On the bridge, Otto contacts Aaron Terzieff about the situation, and he explains that the Unicorn's psycommu system is being blocked by the more powerful psycowaves of the Rozen Zulu, cancelling out the Unicorn's NT-D.

Meanwhile, Mineva uses her Newtype abilities to call out to Riddhe, who is being restrained by Marida. She tells him that his heart knows what he has to do. Punching his way out of the hold, Riddhe tries firing the Banshee's beam magnum at Marida, but she merely punches it out of his hand. The Kshatriya continues to attack the Banshee, severely damaging the Armed Armor DE and destroying the Banshee's right leg. Inside the Banshee, Riddhe sees a vision of Marida imploring him to help Banagher, but he thinks that the psycommu is picking up random thoughts. However, Marida tells him that the Banshee's psycommu picks up the thoughts of other people, and that the Banshee itself is also a machine of possibility. Riddhe senses the hearts of not only Mineva and Marida, but those of Alberto, Zinnerman, and Mihiro, who beg him to come back to his normal self. He wonders if they're telling him he's wrong, and reaches out for Mineva. However, he suddenly remembers how she rejected him and becomes angry again. He retakes the Beam Magnum and despite pleas from Mineva and Banagher, Riddhe fires it at the Kshatriya, killing Marida.

Marida's death causes Banagher intense pain, which causes the Unicorn's NT-D to reactivate and overwhelms the Rozen Zulu's jamming field, stunning Angelo. Inside the Banshee, Riddhe is visited by the ghost of Marida, who tells him that his heart is so earnest that it hurts not only himself, but others. She tells him to calm down and see that the world is filled with many people whose hearts are resonating. Marida's spirit then departs, and the fighting soon stops. She tells everyone across the battlefield to be careful as something is targeting them. On the Nahel Argama's bridge, Otto notes that the Kshatriya's explosion wasn't normal. Zinnerman laments that it was typical of Marida to leave him with a cryptic message. However, her spirit appears to him. Marida tells Zinnerman that he was her light that gave her a second chance at life, and thanks him as her "Father". She then visits Mineva, who apologizes for not repaying her. Marida tells her to hold on tightly to Banagher. At the same time, the Unicorn's psycoframe changes from red to green, and the Unicorn's shields break out of the barrier, destroying the funnels. Stunned that the shields have such incredible power, Angelo fires at the Unicorn, but it slowly approaches him. The terrified Angelo then sees a vision of Full Frontal floating towards the Unicorn, and desperately cries out why Frontal needs Banagher when he doesn't even want Frontal's attention. Frontal offers his hand to Angelo, which he accepts when suddenly, the Rozen Zulu's own incom arm nearly crushes the cockpit. Banagher retreats towards the ship while on Earth, Alberto cries softly over Marida's death.

A RGM-89DEW EWAC Jegan soon locates the Sleeve reinforcement ships, consisting of a single Endra-class ship and two Musaka-class ships. The Nahel Argama fires its Hyper Mega Particle Cannon, destroying the two Musakas but damaging the Endra enough to force its retreat. Otto remarks that he definitely heard Marida's voice and that it wasn't a illusion. Inside the Banshee, Riddhe is overwhelmed by the suit's psycommu system, and wonders if it's a Newtype reaction. Overcome with remorse for his actions, he begs Banagher to kill him but to no avail, as both units revert back to Unicorn Mode. Inside the Unicorn, Banagher cries over the death of Marida. At Cheyenne, the EFSF confirms that the Nahel Argama has broken through the Neo Zeon line. Martha tells Ronan that he should just fire and be done with it, but Ronan wants to see what they do with the Box first. Just then, the Ra Cailum arrives at Cheyenne, with Bright proclaiming that he is using his authority as a Londo Bell commander to search the facility. The defense units, including a FD-03 Gustav Karl and a pair of MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus A1 units, try to defend the base but are promptly disabled by the arrival of the Tri-Stars.

Back in space, Banagher picks up Mineva from the Nahel Argama and the pair are escorted to Magallanica by ECOAS units led by Conroy. Conroy reminds his forces to stay calm, then tells Banahger that they are there if he needs them. Inside the Unicorn, Banagher tells Mineva that she didn't have to come, but she replies that she has an obligation to see this through to the end. Banagher wonders if Laplace's Box was worth all the death and destruction, but Mineva tells him that no matter what, he has to promise to return to her. Banagher agrees, and the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry then appears inside the Unicorn. Banagher tells Conroy that they're heading to the Vist family estate. On the bridge, Otto muses if they should head inside as well, since they are at their limit and they can take shelter inside Magallanica. Zinnerman stops him, explaining that given the state of repairs, a Zeon ship could still fight another battle, and that they don't know how Full Frontal will make his move as the Rewloola is still out there. Furthermore, he's concerned as to why the General Revil hasn't pursued them. Otto reminds Zinnerman that something is targeting them, and Zinnerman suggests that they wait for the Unicorn's return. Suddenly, Magallanica stops rotating, and Banagher and Mineva hurry inside the Vist mansion, where they are again confronted by the same tapestry. A hidden door opens up beneath them, with Syam Vist saying that he has something to tell them, and that he wants to entrust the Box to them.

On Earth, Bright and his men head inside the Cheyenne base, finding Ronan and Martha in the control center. In space, Full Frontal wonders if the seal is being broken, and takes off for Magallanica. Banagher and Mineva enter a dark chamber, and see an image of millions of fish. Syam explains that it took billions of years for those fish to adapt to their environment, and another billion for that life to take on human form. Life itself cannot be understood in a human's short lifespan, but Newtypes represent an expansion of cognitive ability, which leads to an expansion in human consciousness. They then see the final signing of the Universal Century charter within Laplace in U.C. 0001, which Mineva notices is different from the one they know, containing an extra article.

The two land on the chamber's floor, finding Laplace's Box: The original Universal Century charter. Mineva reads the final article, stating that in case the emergence of a space adapted race of humans is confirmed, then it is the responsibility of the Earth Federation to give them priority in involving them in the affairs of the government. Believing the "space adapted race" to be Newtypes, Syam speaks to them directly, explaining that it is the true form of the curse and prayer which has haunted him for a century. Otto and Mihiro contact Riddhe and tell him to return, since he's still a crew member. Inside the Banshee, Riddhe notes that there were many paths he could have taken, and asks Otto why the Federation tried so hard to silence Zeon, which resulted in them dropping a colony onto Earth. He tells them about the final article of the charter, explaining that his great-grandfather, Ricardo Marcenas, added the line, "in the future" as an atonement for sending so many people into outer space. He says that his great-grandfather's prayer became a curse when Zeon Zum Deikun began promoting his Newtype theory. After the Laplace terror incident, the charter was rewritten without the final article, making Ricardo a political martyr for the Federation. However, since Syam got his hands on the original charter, the curse stayed alive.

Inside Magallanica, Gael Chan introduces Banagher to his great-grandfather. Banagher angrily asks why he didn't do anything even though he saw everything, but Mineva stops him. She asks Syam why he chose now to release the charter when he had it for almost a century. He explains that in U.C. 0100, the Federation will revoke the autonomy of the Republic of Zeon, and that both the charter, as well as the name of Zeon and the concept of a Newtype, would fade away into nothingness. Hence, that is why he chose to come out now with the Box, and offer it as a prayer towards the "God" known as possibility. Mineva argues that by allowing groups such as Zeon to get their hands on the Box, it would result in the overthrow of the Federation and the breakout of another One Year War. However, Syam says that is exactly why he wants to entrust the Box to Newtypes like them. Gael explains that the Unicorn's La+ Program is designed to identify true Newtypes, whose psyco-waves are beyond measurement, which is what led them to the Box. He goes on to explain that the Unicorn itself is a representation of possibility and Banagher's father, Cardeas Vist, never wanted him to pilot it.

The news is being relayed to the Nahel Argama crew via Riddhe, and Otto is surprised that Syam was so petty. Riddhe says that Syam used the Box to blackmail the Federation, and used its influence to establish Anaheim Electronics. Otto realizes that even though the charter itself no longer matters, it is still a symbol of the world's order. Riddhe states that while originally the Box was a blackmailing tool that could only embarrass the Federation at first, the sudden emergence of the Principality of Zeon changed that. With the Federation sweeping the final article under the rug, it ironically led to Zeon's rise. The Federation tried to keep quiet to prevent a proverbial Hell, but that Hell came anyway in the form of the brutal One Year War. The sheer magnitude of deaths, along with the proven existence of Newtypes, forced the Federation to keep the secret. They then created a new world order based around the Box and suppressing the existence of Newtypes, but Riddhe wonders what exactly they were trying to protect. He says that he also heard Marida's voice. He laments that he had lost sight of what he was trying to protect, and that he had lost everything. He comes to realize that humans have the potential to truly understand each other. Just then, something fires on Magallanica, and Zinnerman Riddhe warns that Frontal might be making his move.

Inside Magallanica, Syam bids Gael away and tells Banagher and Mineva that the colony builder was built in anticipation of this day, and that Riddhe was coming to assist them. Mineva asks Syam what that day he was anticipating is, and Syam explains that due to his age, he wanted to entrust the charter to Newtypes, if they actually existed. He tells them that Newtypes would be the ones to entrust the future of humanity to, as they could set the world right. If technology such as the psycoframe was being developed for Newtypes, he wanted to find out for himself if they in fact did exist. Syam goes on to state that it is only his own desire, and that there are as many desires as there are human beings. He then asks what Banagher and Mineva desire, and what they will do now that they know the truth about the Box. He explains that they had the choice of leaving the Box unopened, taking it with them, destroying it, or even killing him. Banagher replies that if Newtypes are the future of humanity, they can't be identified by humans at this point in time and doesn't believe either he or Mineva have the qualities that Syam is looking for. He goes on to admit that he doesn't know what's the best solution for everyone, but remembers the words of Daguza, Marida, and Cardeas, and says that as only one human, he still wants to believe in the power of possibility, and the potential of mankind. With that, Syam connects Magallanica to communication networks throughout the world.

Syam tells them that the Federation will do everything in its power to stop them, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Full Frontal, who tells Syam that he should use the Box as a bargaining tool with the Federation instead of revealing the secret. He states that using the Box in this way is what will lead all Spacenoids to prosperity. Within the colony builder, Riddhe finds an enormous machine and notices a web of strange objects lining the walls. The objects suddenly deploy and start attacking the ECOAS Jegans. The weapons take control of the Jegans and force them to destroy each other while all of this is being mentally controlled by Frontal via his mask. Mineva tells Frontal to leave them, and wonders if his Side Co-Prosperity Sphere is what people truly want. However, Frontal states that he is no longer a empty vessel, and it is not he that wishes to see Laplace's Box, and states that he doesn't know whose brainwaves he has been given. He unmasks and asks Syam to hand him the charter without interference, firmly telling Mineva that this isn't a proxy negotiation. Syam admits that there is some truth in Frontal's words if the Box remains unopened, although it is all the more reason that neither one of them should have the Box, as they'll just use it as a mere bargaining tool. Syam believes that their time is over and it is time to hand the future over to their children. Frontal asks Syam if he believes Banagher and Mineva are true Newtypes, but Syam replies that it doesn't matter whether they are Newtypes or not because Banagher and Mineva have successfully followed the path to the box. Furthermore, because they have made their decision on the Box's fate, he tells Frontal that he intends to respect that decision. With his request turned down, Frontal draws a gun and prepares to take the charter by force, but Syam forces him to withdraw using laser guided weapons, remarking that Frontal truly is a ghost. Gael radios that the facilities are being hacked into by a new psyco machine, and Syam tells Gael to guard the communications unit with his life, or they will be unable to broadcast to the world.

Outside, Riddhe and Conroy fight off the psyco weapons, but one of the other Jegans is caught and opens fire on Conroy. However, Riddhe destroys the controlled Jegan, and tells Conroy to retreat. Sensing no hostility from the machine, Riddhe realizes that it's a program, and then sees Full Frontal enter the machine. In a hurry, Frontal blasts his way towards the mansion, sending Banagher flying. He is caught by Gael in his ARX-014 Silver Bullet. Gael tells Banagher to get to the Unicorn, but they are intercepted by the arrival of Full Frontal and his massive mobile armor, the NZ-999 Neo Zeong. Gael charges Frontal head on to force an opening, but is quickly disabled and stopped by the Neo Zeong's armaments. Banagher implores Gael to retreat, but he states that his father had a dream to see the Box opened. Frontal smashes the Silver Bullet's head and sends the unit crashing into the mansion. Gael says that Banagher came not because of a curse, but of his own free will. As Frontal prepares to land the finishing blow, Gael tells Banagher that he should continue onward. Not willing to let him die, Banagher calls out for the Unicorn, which comes to his aid and fires on the Neo Zeong. Getting inside, the Unicorn transforms into Destroy Mode. Frontal soon escapes Magallanica, with Banagher in pursuit.

On the Nahel Argama, both Zinnerman and Otto remark about the power of the Neo Zeong, and Mihiro informs them that Riddhe is backing up Banagher. The Banshee transforms into Destroy Mode, and Riddhe tells Banagher that the light wasn't coming from just them. Banagher agrees that everyone is within it, but Frontal believes that the light of the human heart is useless. Syam wonders what kind of future will emerge, and that it's entirely possible that nothing at all will change. Since words are just words, people can interpret things such as laws in a way that best suits their needs. Even if the Box was opened, there would be a commotion for a while, perhaps even an amendment to the final article. Syam believes that despite all the research, he still wonders if Newtypes truly exist. Mineva believes that Banagher will do what he feels is right, like the people who signed the charter, as well as Syam who guarded it. He tells Mineva that she should be the one that tells all who live in the Universal Century the truth of the charter, in her own words.

In space, the fight continues. Both Unicorns fire their Beam Magnums, but are deflected by the Neo Zeong's I-Field. However, the residual shots destroy the Neo Zeong's fuel tanks. Frontal remarks that two Gundams are taking a stand against him, the vessel filled with the collective will of the people. Banagher tells him that no person can ever be a vessel, not even artificial ones and Riddhe tells him to stop hiding behind his mask. Frontal accepts their challenge and deploys his PsycoShard weapon, which destroys all of their weapons. Banagher charges up to the Neo Zeong and grapples with the Sinanju itself before being ensnared. Riddhe charges the mobile armor from behind, but is grabbed by the Neo Zeong's arms. Mustering the strength to fight, Banagher wills the Unicorn to punch and chop off the Sinanju's arms, then escaping the Neo Zeong's primary arms before being caught by the other arms.

The Sinanju and Unicorn's psycoframe's begin to resonate, and Frontal realizes that the miracle is happening again. However, he tells Banagher that nothing will ever change. Banagher is taken on a vision through time and space, from the RX-93 ν Gundam pushing back Axis, the battles of A Baoa Qu and Solomon, the firing of the Solar Ray, as well as the destruction of Laplace. To reinforce his point, Frontal takes Banagher all the way to the end of time itself, which is completely dark. Frontal explains that people can struggle all the want throughout life, but nothing will ever change. He says that hope and possibility are meaningless things that create nothing but conflict and despair, and that even Newtypes understand this. He further explains that no one should place their hopes in a life that is unwarranted. Banagher replies "even so" and brings light into the darkness, destroying the Neo Zeong's arms. The Unicorn then reaches out to the Sinanju itself, bringing a warm light to Frontal. He is then visited by the ghosts of Char Aznable and Lalah Sune. Lalah tells Frontal that Banagher's light is one that brings warmth to the universe, and Char agrees with her. She explains that Frontal has let the world know of his thoughts. The two spirits depart, with Frontal and Banagher being transported to an empty sea.

Back in reality, the Sinanju's psycoframe overloads as the Neo Zeong begins to decompose and fall apart, as well as the Sinanju itself. Frontal tells Banagher that he entrusts him with what he must do. Riddhe then approaches, and Banagher tells him that the entire sector is being targeted. From the wreckage of the Neo Zeong, the spirit of Amuro Ray wonders if its all right, and Char states that it is best to leave the rest to the future generation. They, with the spirit of Lalah, vanish into a bird-like image. On Earth, Bright tries to stop Ronan from firing Gryps 2, but Martha assures him that it's for the Federation's best interests and that the colony will only be damaged minimally. She justifies this by explaining that they'll only sacrifice a few for the needs of the many. However, Alberto stands and says that she's only protecting the Foundation's interests, and that the reason he sided with her was because of that. He demands to know why Martha's doing this since she rejects the logic of men, but he's held back by a pair of guards. Ronan takes the control key and prepares to fire, but Bright declares that he will become an enemy of the Federation if he chooses to fire. Ronan calls his bluff and asks if he wants to get his family involved. Bright says that he just wants to be someone his children can be proud of. After a tense moment of consideration, Ronan activates the final countdown. Alberto then shouts that Riddhe is also at Magallanica inside the Banshee, stunning Bright and deeply shocking Ronan.

The Nahel Argama picks up Gryps 2 as well, and Otto is stunned to see that the laser was actually repaired. Banagher radios the bridge and tells them he will put up a psycofield to protect Magallanica. He also tells Mineva to take Syam to Industrial 7, but she stays and wants Banagher to back up his confidence, and that she won't tolerate him breaking his promise to come back, to which everyone agrees he has to. Takuya pipes in that Banagher still has to finish school even though he has a job. Riddhe comes forward to assist Banagher, as the Banshee is also a psycoframe equipped machine. He says that their ancestors didn't abandon the excess population into space, but sent them out as a prayer for the hope of a better future. Riddhe continues on to say that it wasn't a curse to be blessed at birth, and Banagher thinks that they should have been told that early on to understand it better. Riddhe adds that fathers don't say enough to their children.

On Earth, Bright tries to get the base commander to stop the firing, but the commander tells him that there is a likelihood of an accident by this point in the firing sequence, and that there were more than 1000 people on board Gryps 2. Ronan looks around the room for some form of consolation, but only gets disapproval and rejection. Filled with remorse, he remembers all of his times with Riddhe as a child and begins to call out his name as Gryps 2 fires, destroying the Rewloola and the remaining Neo Zeon fleet. Banagher and Riddhe use their units' respective psycoframes - along with the Unicorn's three shields - to create a 3 layered psycofield in front of Magallanica. Struggling to hold back the laser blast, Riddhe sees his good luck charm in his mind and awakens his Newtype potential as the Banshee's psycoframe changes from orange to green, halting the laser. Meanwhile, the Unicorn's psycoframe begins to overload and the Gundam suddenly crystallizes under the strain, placing Banagher in a rainbow like state. He sees the ghost of Marida, who tells him that she can see the things that he can't see. Marida tells him that he is light, and that even sadness can be used to light the way with Mineva. She explains that humanity is at a threshold, and that many would choose to cross it while still alive. The path for him would be over a rainbow, as the two Gundams manage to stop the laser from damaging the colony.

On Earth, the Federation is stunned that Magallanica is intact, but then receive a transmission from Mineva, who begins to tell the world about the true nature of the charter had been kept hidden from the world since U.C. 0001. Happy that his wish is being granted, Syam Vist dies quietly, separating Magallanica from Industrial 7. Alberto explains that Banagher is using psyco waves to transmit the message via the Unicorn. Martha tries to have the General Revil move out to destroy Magallanica, believing that this will merely spurn on activists, which will lead the government to chalk it up to nonsense. However, Alberto tells her that it's all over and he wants to start fresh. Bright's men take Martha away, but not before Martha stops to give Alberto a look of proud approval for a fleeting moment. Ronan tells Bright that it's their choice to make for the future, and that they need to accept it as fathers.

Meanwhile, the General Revil launches is whole mobile suit contingency, while ECOAS and the Garencieres team man Magallanica. At the same time, Angelo escapes the wrecked Rozen Zulu and finds Full Frontal's lifeless body within the remains of the Sinanju. With the General Revil's squadrons heading for them, ECOAS and the Garencieres team plan to launch Magallanica to a safe zone, but the Nahel Argama chooses to stay and fight off the General Revil's forces. Riddhe tells Banagher to head back to the ship for some rest, as he's just been born. Just then, the Unicorn takes off and leaves the Banshee behind. Riddhe wonders if Banagher has become the ultimate Newtype, and tells him that merely having possibility is enough for people, since they still have plenty to do in this world. In desperation, Riddhe activates Banshee's Destroy Mode and takes off after the Unicorn.

The Unicorn uses its psycommu abilities to disable the General Revil's mobile suits. Then, Banagher is reunited with his father and wants to stay. However, Cardeas points out that there's still someone waiting for him: Mineva. Banagher departs his father and returns to the world of the living, to the joy of Riddhe. The Unicorn transforms back to normal, with Riddhe and Banagher flying back towards Magallanica.


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