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Outer Gundam (アウターガンダム?) is a single volume manga published in Dengeki Comics between 1988 to 1992 and was written and illustrated by Masahumi Matsuura. The story of Outer Gundam is an alternate version of the One Year War. It focuses heavily on the development of MS and features a topics focusing on understanding the science in the Universal Century.

This manga was written prior to a stricter adherence to the canon material of the Universal Century. As such, Matsuura's work was based on a loose interpretation and relation to the greater lore, and contradicts several works released since.


In the year U.C. 0067, several scientists and researchers are developing a "Robot System", or "RS", large general-purpose machines equipped with powerful reactors. These RS machines served as distant ancestors to mobile suits, and were developed at Ryanto Heavy Industries, located in the United States. RS were designed for interstellar travel, when humanity would one day leave the Solar System. Much of the basic research completed by Ryanto was later referenced by the Earth Federation during Operation V.

These researchers would later join the two sides of conflict during the One Year War in U.C. 0079 (in Outer Gundam U.C. 0079 is referred to as the equivalent to 2047 AD).

In U.C. 0079, the Earth Federation begins development on an unmanned mobile suit piloted by an A.I., as part of Operation V. The resulting mobile suit is the RX-78EX-PH-1 Zephyr Gundam, with its performance based on the RX-78-2 Gundam. However, with no pilot to have to account for, the performance of the Zephyr Gundam can be pushed to its limits.


  • Chapter.01: Preface of Giants
  • Chapter.02: Burn Planet
  • Chapter.03: Move, Zepher Phantom!
  • Chapter.04: Phantom of the West Wind
  • Chapter.05: An Impatient Outline
  • Chapter.06: Farewell, TOkyo
  • Chapter.07: Valkyrie Girl (Celestial Fleet Story 1)
  • Chapter.08: The Story of Solomon (Celestial Fleet Story 2)
  • Chapter.09: Versus Qatar (Celestial Fleet Story 3)
  • Final Chapter: The Systems Roar (Celestial Fleet Story 4)


  • Colonel Nan
  • Liang Reihon
  • Jack Woodward
  • Van Hyugotto
  • Graham Chamberlain
  • Gernsback Ad
  • Admiral Tianem


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