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Operation Star One was the name of Earth Federation Forces's operation during the Battle of A Baoa Qu - the last battle of One Year War.

Using the newly captured Solomon later renamed Konpei Island/Konpeitoh as a staging area, the Earth Federation Space Forces continued their offensive toward Side 3 in Operation Star One. On December 30, with the Earth Federation Forces en route to the Zeon asteroid base A Baoa Qu, Zeon leader Sovereign Degwin Zabi approached the EFSF fleet with the intention of negotiating an end to the war. Gihren Zabi gave the order to fire the Solar Ray at the EFSF fleet which was assembling at Geldova Line, knowing that his father was in the line of fire. This attack destroyed a full third of the Earth Federation fleet present and killed both Degwin Zabi and General Revil in the process. However, this cost Zeon the Solar Ray itself as its premature firing ended up burning it out.

Despite these losses, the Earth Federation continued their attack on A Baoa Qu. Rallying behind the White Base, they assaulted the asteroid base on December 31, UC 0079. With their remaining forces, the EFSF fought against the gathered forces of Zeon's Mobile Attack Force and A Baoa Qu's garrison forces. During the battle Kycilia Zabi executed her half-brother Gihren Zabi for the crime of murdering their father Degwin Zabi, and took command of the battle herself. In the confusion this caused, some Zeon forces—notably the Delaz Fleet—fled before the battle was over. When it became clear that the Zeon forces would lose, Kycilia herself attempted to retreat; however, she was killed by Char Aznable before she could escape.

The operation would see the scuttling of the Pegasus-class SCV-70 White Base, the loss of both of their RX-77-2 Guncannons and the destruction of the RX-78-2 Gundam.

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