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Operation Meteor (過ぎ去りし流星 Sugisari shi ryūsei?) is the second episode of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA series. It first aired on April 25, 1997 in Japan and November 10, 2000 in North America.


Quatre and the Maganac Corps decide to take a different course to cut down time on their journey. Quatre has a flashback about Instructor H telling him to ignore Operation Meteor and follow his heart. Duo's stolen Leo is disabled by Trowa, and Duo wonders why he's been betrayed. Trowa fires a missile barrage, and Duo has a flashback about trying to destroy the Deathscythe before Operation Meteor. Professor G anticipated this and disarmed the explosives, telling him to steal it and ignore Operation Meteor. Trowa has a flashback of the real Trowa Barton being murdered for trying to expose Doktor S as a traitor. Trowa decides to take on the name and pilot Heavyarms. The missiles impact and create a hole for Duo to escape in. Heero and Wufei continue to fight, but Wufei was momentarily blinded by the smoke from Trowa's missiles and Heero escapes. Sally and Noin realize that the Tauruses and Leos protecting X-18999 are mostly mobile dolls, and the real troops are elsewhere. At the satellite MO-III, Dekim watches as preparations are made to ship the Serpents to Earth. Relena and Mariemaia travel through X-18999 as Heero and Duo watch from nearby.

Quatre's ship catches up with the Gundam disposal ship, and he transfers over to it. He reverses course and activates the engines to slingshot around Venus and pick up speed to return to Earth. Zechs arrives at MO-III with the Tallgeese III and begins destroying the mobile suit carriers. He tells Dekim to surrender or he will destroy MO-III. Dekim says that if Zechs keeps attacking, he will drop X-18999 on Earth. Since he originally conceived Operation Meteor, he has no problem doing this. Zechs is forced to watch helplessly as the Serpent carriers travel to Earth. Relena is shocked when she hears of the plan to drop the colony. She discovers she was kidnapped so that she could endorse Mariemaia. Duo and Heero find Trowa trying to stabilize the colony, and they help him. To play along with Trowa's ruse, Duo is captured as Heero escapes. When Zechs was told that the Colony Drop was averted by the Gundam pilots, he destroys MO-III with his mega cannon, but Dekim escapes. Dekim, Mariemaia, and Relena all return to Earth and arrive at the Brussels presidential residence. Citizens around the world watch as Serpents land in many cities. Heero steals a shuttle and prepares to rendezvous with Wing Zero in space.

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