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Operation Dahlia, a plan by Seidel Rasso of the Space Revolutionary Army to use a weapon first conceived during the 7th Space War, but never completed or implemented. The plan calls for the use of a large Colony Laser that shall be fired at the Earth, destroying the remaining human population on the planet.

While over seeing the final stages of the Colony Laser, Seidel Rasso brought Tiffa Adill with him to witness it's power. However, the Colony Laser is attacked by a long range blast from the Gundam Double X's twin Satellite Cannons. As Garrod Ran maintained a target lock on the Colony Laser, Pala Sys relayed demands in her G-Falcon for the release of Tiffa Adill or the next shot from the Gundam Double X would destroy the weapon. Relenting to the demands, Seidel Rasso has Tiffa Adill handed over to Pala Sys. After the G-Falcon had retreated to a safe distance, Garrod used the Gundam Double X to destroy the Colony Laser so that it could not be used against the Earth. This resulted in the complete failure of Operation Dahlia.

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