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Operation Buran U.C. 0079 (OPERATION BURAN オペレーション・ブラン U.C. 0079) is a short manga written and illustrated by Kazuhisa Kondo in 1990. Published by Media Works and serialized in Hobby Japan. Operation Buran, set after the Battle of Solomon, is about MS pilot named Frederick F. Brown.


Strategy game a few weeks after Solomon - Frederic von Braun, defended by ignoring the instructions of his superiors, were each attack will be spread over a range missiles equipped with air Runatsu Gatoru. One day, however, Brown will receive the remaining life of a large nuclear recovery in Solomon Islands. "NO" for this attack remains a per-Speaking of .... He had no choice. Brown and other recovery unit is equipped with an MS in federal class warship Columbus seems to have taken to penetrate the air regions Solomon. But behind it, it had been loaded Salamis Gundam Unit 3.



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