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Since the time of Zeon Zum Deikun, the people of Side 3 have continuously pushed for independence based on Zeon's teachings and belief in the evolution of the people in space. When Zeon died, he was succeeded by Degwin Sodo Zabi, who swiftly eliminated any potential rivals to establish his leadership in Side 3. Tensions would sour even further with the Federation due to the perceived racial bias that corrupt Federation officers had in their treatment of the people from colonies as well as the formal establishment of the Principality of Zeon.

In an attempt to try and keep matters in check, Degwin made his son, Dozle, the superintendent of Zeon's military academy.

Dawn Rebellion

In the year U.C. 0077, a Zeon cargo ship collided with a Federation military vessel and the resulting crash would destroy a full agricultural block. Many civilians in the nearby city of Zum rioted as the cargo ship should've been given the right of way, and the city quickly broke into anarchy. The Federation immediately sent several soldiers to contain the situation, but the military occupation would only increase the violence.

At the tipping point, however, were the senior cadets of Zeon's military academy, who were angered by the amount of force unleashed on the civilians. Egged on by Char Aznable, Garma Zabi would lead the cadets out in the dusk of night to attack the Federation barracks. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the cadets were more disciplined and took many of the groggy and disorganized Federation soldiers by surprise, with Char personally capturing the leading Federation officers of the barracks. By dawn, Dozle, having become aware of Garma's actions, reached the Federation base only to find the victorious cadets.

The following day, the people of Zum paraded the cadets as heroes, further infuriating the Federation leaders, who demanded Garma to be punished. Unwilling to hand over his youngest son, Degwin reached a compromise with Admiral Revil, where he would punish Dozle and the other ringleaders of the rebellion to spare Garma in exchange for the withdrawal of the Federation's military assets to prevent another military occupation.

As this was the very first time that a local force had engaged the Federation, many would consider the Dawn Rebellion as the "start" of what would eventually be the One Year War.

One Week Battle

Immediately following the declaration of hostilities by the Principality, a force led by Admiral Dozle engaged and destroyed an EFSF battlegroup. Shortly thereafter, a force led by Kycilla Zabi occupied Granada. 

Operation British

Dozle's force proceeded to drop Island Iffish from Side 2 against Earth, although it is diverted from its primary target by Admiral Tianem's fleet, which was enroute to engage Dozle. The largest piece of the colony, consisting of the entire front section, hit Sydney, Australia, completely wiping out not only the city, but the entire southern half of the continent. Other large sections landed in southwest Canada and the Pacific, raining debris across the North America and triggering massive earthquakes and tsunamis in East Asia. In the ensuing environmental catastrophe, roughly half of the Earth's population died. With Jaburo and all of its launch facilities intact, Operation British was a complete failure.

Battle of Loum

In response to these actions, the Federation launched a second fleet from Earth commanded by General Revil.  The Federation plan called for an invasion of Side 3, with Tianem's fleet acting as vanguard for Revil's fleet.  

This action was anticipated by the Principality. The Zeon response to this invasion was a two pronged attack against the invasion force. Dozle's fleet engaged in a skirmish with Tianem, but withdrew shortly after contact. As Tianem reformed his group, Dozle's force engaged with Revil's main group which substantially outnumbered them. However, they were supported by a second attack force consisting entirely of mobile suits launched from multiple carriers operating apart from Dozle's fleet.  

In the ensuing battle, Revil's fleet sustained severe losses from mobile suit attacks and Revil was captured. The Tianem fleet was initially unaware that Dozle had engaged Revil and proceeded towards Side 3 until encountering the Great Degwin and its escorts, whereupon Tianem became aware of the fight occurring behind him. Although he could have pressed the attack against Side 3 with no opposition in front of him, Tianem turned his fleet back to rescue survivors from the now defeated Revil fleet.

Antarctic Treaty

Revil's escape was orchestrated by the Kycilia (i.e., purposely delaying his show-trial, then arranging it such that Federation could easily rescue rescue Revil), in order to end the war as quick as possible. Now in the safety of the EFF, and being unable to forgive Zeon for Operation British and Loum, Revil went against the Zabi conspiracy to end the war quickly, with a speech broadcasted whilst Gopp and M'quve were negotiating the Antarctic Treaty. Degwin was furious.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike previous material, in The Origin, Island Iffish hit Sydney on January 10, after leaving its original position on January 8. This was changed in The Origin so that the colony left its position on January 10 and hit Sydney on January 15 (which was more reasonable due to the distance between Side 2 and Earth), hence moving the date of Battle of Loum to January 23, whereas in older sources, Battle of Loum took place on January 15.