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The Old Human Faction is a rogue faction of humanity that opposes the integration of the ELS with humanity. They are briefly featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: Battlefield Record.


After the ELS Conflict had ended, the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifters decided to live in peace with humanity. Due to the ELS' use of Quantum Brainwaves, humans that came into contact with the ELS became ELS infused Innovators. Considering the Innovators, both ELS and non-ELS infused people to be inhuman, a group of non-Innovated humans, including a number of soldiers in the Earth Sphere Federation Army, formed the Old Human Faction in an attempt to wipe out both the ELS and the Innovators.

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  • The Old Human Faction is similar to the Blue Cosmos/Logos from the Cosmic Era timeline, as both were groups/organizations that refuse coexistence with a new breed of human evolutions and believes that exterminating them is the best. Their soldiers include artificial versions of the human breed they resented (Biological CPU and pseudo-Innovators) and fought using giant Mobile Suits/Armors (Destroy Gundam and Gadelaza).

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