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Odin Lowe was the mentor of Heero Yuy he was an OZ assassin and was apparently high ranked as he was sent on several high profile assassinations, as he killed Heero Yuy (politician) in a crowd of people and was apparently able to slip away unnoticed. Lowe taught the young Heero how to use a gun and survive on his own, likely expecting himself to be killed as he was an assassin, while Heero was with Lowe, it was apparent that he was Lowe's assistant, some fans believe Lowe to have been Heero's father although this is unknown if he was or not. In AC 188, Lowe and Heero traveling to L3-X-18999 in order to kill the Alliances General Septum. The pair was eventually separated from Lowe in order to help rebellion. Lowe was unable to kill Septum as the job was a set up, realizing this Lowe tried to make his escape, presumably to find Heero and get out of L3. He found Dekim Barton, thinking Dekim was on his side, Lowe was tricked and shot in the heart. Dekim calling this revenge for killing his mentor Heero Yuy (politician). Lowe later died after telling Heero to live by his emotions.


Little can be said about Lowes personality, but it is assumed that while he was fighting, he was completely ruthless, as killing a colonies representative for peace seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever. But it is revealed that he might've had a soft side as he cared for Heero like his own son right until his death.

Skills and Abilities

Sniper As an OZ assassin Lowe is very likely a master assassin and it seems that he was able to accurately shoot Heero Yuy in the heart and slip away.

Durability This is obvious as Lowe was short directly in the heart and was able to survive for a few minutes

Gunman As Lowe was able to teach the high proficient Heero, it seems very likely that he also was a very good gunman.


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