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U.C. 0079.11.08 - 0079.11.09, though Operation Odessa is proceeding, the 44th Mechanized Composite Regiment suffers setback after its advance is bombarded by artillery from Zeon's Dobday-class land battleships. They are reinforced by three RTX-440 Ground Assault Type Guntank piloted by a trio of convicts led by Engineering 1st Lieutenant Arleen Nazon, a technical officer blamed and condemned to rot in jail after her lover defected to Zeon with information of the RTX-440 project. Bearing deep hatred to the man who betrayed her, Clyde Bettany, Arleen vows revenge for destroying her future.

The offensive resumes on the second day and the Federation forces again suffering casualty from the well dug Zeon defence. Arleen's team penetrates enemy lines to provide artillery reconnaissance, before storming and breaking into the Zeon forward base. In the mist of battle, Arleen's two teammates self-detonate their Guntanks, taking out one Dobday. The Federation forces again come under what appears to be a friendly fire, but Arleen soon discovers the presence of a second Dobday. Refusing to obey Colmatta's order to ignore the target, Arleen charges at the enemy, suffering heavy damage from Zeon mobile suits defending the Dobday before crashing right in front of it. The giant landship stops in its track, and a voice none other than Bettany's tries to convince Arleen to stop fighting. Overcome by her desire for revenge, Arleen activates the self-destruct system and destroys the Dobday.

Shortly afterwards, Arleen's soul awakes from the explosion, only to be informed by the Death Deity that Bettany is in fact a Federal double agent, who infiltrated Zeon command to secure the capture of a Dobday.

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