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Odelo Henrik (オデロ・ヘンリーク?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He is the best friend and older brother-figure of Uso Ewin.


Odelo is a 15 year old refugee from Largaine along with his little sister, and his friend Warren Trace. They joins the League Militaire, helping Camion, and subsequently pilots a mobile suit. Afterwards, met Uso and Shahkti Kareen, although sometimes the relationship between Odelo and Uso was very stormy. Indeed, Odelo could not bear to know that Uso was following the League in particular to find his parents, himself being orphaned with his surrogate little sister.

After becoming a great friend of Uso, they followed each other throughout the conflict and Odelo would eventually pilot mobile suits. He fell in love with Elischa Kranskie, one of the residents of Hiland Station. Odelo is killed by Katejina Loos in the final episode, after his mobile suit is severely damaged and explodes. He later appear as a ghost assisting Uso with the rest of dead members of League Militaire.


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