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The OZ-00MS Tallgeese is a Mobile Suit introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing anime. Its primary pilot is Zechs Merquise.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

Designed by the five scientists, the Tallgeese was the first armed mobile suit, and is the common ancestor of both the Gundams (specifically their prototype, the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero) and the mass-produced military mobile suits (most notably the OZ-06MS Leo and its variants). The Tallgeese was a well-rounded unit featuring both long-range and melee weapons, and also has heavy armor coupled with high power "Super Vernier" boosters.

Unfortunately, performing high-speed movement put an immense g-force strain on the pilot, with one theory saying the pilot would experience as much as 15 Gs.[1] To solve this problem and reduce production costs, the Tallgeese's design was simplified to create the Leo. After Zechs defected from OZ, Mike Howard, one of the original designers of the Tallgeese, equipped the suit with a large detachable booster unit that allows it to escape the Earth's atmosphere.

In the EW version, a "Tempest" Heat Lance and Heat Halberd were added to its arsenal, and the suit was eventually upgraded into the OZ-00MS Tallgeese Flugel whereby the "Super Vernier" boosters were replaced with wing binders for better mobility in space.


  • Dober Gun
Mounted on the right shoulder, this high-powered cartridge gun is the Tallgeese's primary ranged weapon and is capable of destroying a Leo easily. This long-barreled beam weapon has an excellent rate of fire and can shoot accurately over a long range.[2] The output of the Dober Gun's beam shots can be varied.[3] In the Glory of the Losers manga, a shot from the Dober Gun was able to cancel out a blast from the Wing Gundam's Buster Rifle.[4] An old-fashioned muzzle brake is fitted to improve its accuracy. A similar weapon is used by the Leo, but only Tallgeese can withstand this weapon's recoil.
  • Shield
The Tallgeese carries a round shield to defend against beam and physical attacks. It hangs off the left shoulder, granting a free hand to hold other weapons. The shield stores a pair of beam sabers on its back.
  • Beam Saber
A beam saber is a handheld close-combat weapon powered by an internal energy capacitor. It focuses plasma into a blade shape and can cut through any object not treated with an anti-beam coating. The Tallgeese has two beam sabers stored in a rack behind its shield.
  • Missile Pod
A handheld missile pod that consisted of two triple missile launchers connected by a grip in the center. The loaded missiles are equipped with their own sensors and have a wide blast radius. A pair of missiles from this missile pod were shown to be sufficient for obliterating two Atmosphere Entry Transport units.
  • "Tempest" Heat Lance
As its name implies, the "Tempest" Heat Lance uses thermal energy to heat the lance to super-high temperatures for penetrating the armor of other mobile weapons. It was built as an anti-Gundam measure based on the late Walker's data. It can also emit energy, cancelling out enemy's beam bullets. Can be fixed on the arm or be handheld by adding an optional gun grip. It is only used by the EW Version of the Tallgeese.
  • Heat Halberd
The Heat Halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long staff. It can be used for slicing and stabbing attacks. It also can be broken down into parts allowing it to be assembled on the battlefield. It is only used by the EW Version of the Tallgeese.

Special Equipment & Features[]

  • Self-Destruct System
The Tallgeese was built to self-destruct should the pilot choose to. A remote detonator is placed within the cockpit and if a dire situation arrives, the pilot can destroy the Mobile Suit. The system was designed to overload its power systems and has enough explosive power to destroy several city blocks. It is a last option tactic if the pilot is incapable of protecting the Mobile Suit, while not allowing it to fall into enemy hands. It also can be used as one large explosive device to eradicate large targets.
  • Booster Unit
At nearly twice the size of the Tallgeese, this optional equipment is fitted onto the mobile suit for space operations. It has many different modes to suit the situation. Parts of the unit can be attached to reduce weight for short term space travel. The whole unit is fitted on for long term space travel, and can be jettisoned entirely during combat to avoid additional weight.


The Tallgeese was designed in After Colony 170 by the five scientists and served as the prototype for all subsequent mobile suits. It was extremely powerful, but expensive to mass-produce and rough on its pilots, so its design was later simplified, resulting in the Leo. In After Colony 195, it was restored and test piloted by an OZ soldier named Otto. It was then used by its prominent pilot, Zechs Merquise, to combat the Gundams. Between episodes 18 and 22, the Tallgeese was modified for space travel, allowing Zechs (as Milliardo Peacecraft) to visit the colonies. In episode 34, the Tallgeese was destroyed via self destruction, allowing Zechs to claim the Wing Zero. The remaining spare parts of Zech's Tallgeese were later assembled into a Tallgeese for Treize Khushrenada, and designated the Tallgeese II.


  • Tallgeese Zi-Long
Another Tallgeese, nicknamed 'Zi-long', was developed by Master O of the Long Clan (of which Chang Wufei was a member) and was destroyed while defending the Long Clan's colony in After Colony 194. It appeared in the Episode Zero and Glory of Losers manga, and lacked a mask over its camera, making it more visually similar to a Leo.[5]





Illustrations & Artwork[]



Action Figures[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The name Tallgeese is derived from the word "theurgist" (トールギスト?),[6] a ritualist who attempts to channel divine power to work miracles.
  • Otto's comment about the Tallgeese being "three times faster than the Aries" is likely a nod to Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type, which is described as being three times faster than a standard MS-06F Zaku II.
  • Tallgeese's acceleration has been a topic of some debate, but the 15Gs referred to in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing MS Encyclopedia are specifically talking about g-forces acting on the pilot during high-speed movement, much like how the F-15, a real life combat aircraft, has a thrust/weight ratio that would give it less than 1.5Gs of acceleration, but pilots can experience far higher during maneuvers. The OZ-00MS2B Tallgeese III gives stats for the boosters that would mean a maximum acceleration of around 10Gs, based on the Tallgeese's empty weight; while we don't know the max loaded weight, it cannot be any lower than the empty weight, and thus Tallgeese's max acceleration can't be above 10Gs.
  • While some sources claim that the Dober Gun is a shell-firing weapon, others state that it is a beam weapon, such as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing MS Encyclopedia.[2]
    • The SD Gundam series, interestingly enough, gives the Tallgeese both a beam and ballistic variant of its Dober Gun attack, likely as a nod to the contradictory accounts. The Super Robot Wars series tends to go with the beam interpretation.
    • The settings for Glory of Losers note that the Tallgeese used a beam-firing Dober Gun while Leos used shell-firing Dober Guns. Perhaps as a result of this, the OZ-00MS Tallgeese Flugel, which originated from Glory of Losers, only has the beam-firing dober gun in G Generation Cross Rays.
  • In the first opening, the Tallgeese was seen armed with a rifle, something that never happened in the series. The Robot Damashii Tallgeese figurine includes this rifle and describes it as a "phantom" rifle (幻のライフル).
  • The Tallgeese' shield is depicted with different forms of decoration between the anime series, model kits, toys, manga, and other media. The most common depictions are either as a blank white shield or white with black outer trim and an eagle emblem in its center.
  • The Tallgeese's head is actually a standard Leo head with a large yellow camera, though equipped with a mask mounted over it. Unlike the Mercurius and Vayeate, which feature a similar face setup, the mask cannot flip up to reveal the camera.
  • The Tallgeese Ver. EW colors for the 2010 Glory of the Losers manga adaptation features yellow trim and highlights throughout its body and white with light gray backpack boosters, which is based on Katoki's original illustrations for Newtype Magazine during the original 1995 TV series. 


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