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The ORX-005EX Sturm Jaeger is a transformable mobile suit that is featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon and Operation Buran U.C. 0079.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Developed by Neo Zeon as an aerial mobile suit, it can achieve speeds comparable to that of regular jet aircraft. By equipping external boosters, the Sturm Jaeger can make orbit otherwise unassisted. It was primarily created with maneuverability in mind, and featured lightweight design and rear-facing knee joints. Due to this, however, it performed poorly on rugged terrain. It is armed with two powerful shoulder-mounted gun pods.In New Revival of Zeon, it is further enhanced with the addition of Mega Cannon Gun Pods.


The Sturm Jaeger was used by Neo Zeon ace Meier, who was feared as the "Witch of Sirius".


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