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OMNI Enforcer (Oppose Militancy and Neutralize Invasion Enforcer) is the military force of the Earth Alliance in the Cosmic Era, and commonly referred to as the Earth Alliance Forces. Unlike ZAFT, the OMNI Enforcer is organized based on a traditional model. Many top officers of OMNI Enforcer, mostly those from the Atlantic Federation (which dominates the Alliance after the disastrous Battle of JOSH-A) are also members of the Blue Cosmos anti-Coordinator group.

OMNI Enforcer's space fleet is large and well-equipped, though their warships are slightly outdated compared to ZAFT's fleet. Their mobile weapons until the Battle of Porta Panama are primarily limited to the TS-MA2 Moebius mobile armor, a distinctly outdated design. Five Moebius MAs are required, on average, to engage a single ZGMF-1017 GINN with any significant chance of victory. At and after Porta Panama, the Alliance quickly replaces the Moebius with the GAT-01 Strike Dagger and related mobile suit models, redressing the balance and turning the tide against ZAFT.

Known OMNI Enforcer space fleets are the 8th Fleet (decimated during the Battle of Orbit) and the 7th Fleet (decimated during the Second Battle of Jachin Due).

OMNI Enforcer Branches

As OMNI Enforcer follows a traditional military structure, it consists of Army, Navy, Space Force, and Air Force. No further information is given on these branches in-series.

OMNI Enforcer uses a Japanese style rank system, officer ranks being shown by colored bands on a member's uniform (taking the form of yellow bands with no, one or two blue tabs at the bottom). Enlisted ranks appear not to be designated, NCO ranks are designated with square devices. Civilian auxiliary members do not wear rank tabs. Some rank insignia in the officer chart are conjectural, based on other rank insignia in a common pattern.

Nine officer, three NCO and three enlisted ranks are known; it is not known if other enlisted or NCO ranks exist or if any warrant officer ranks exist in OMNI Enforcer. In addition, the term "Kanchou" applies to the officer in charge of a ship, and can roughly be translated as captain, not to be confused with the military rank of Captain. Murrue Ramius is often referred to as "Ramius-kanchou" rather than "Ramius-taii" as her rank would suggest.

There also seems to be slight color differences between the OMNI Enforcer uniforms of the Atlantic Federation and the Eurasian Federation. While the officers of the Atlantic Federation wear white, Eurasian Federation officers seem to wear more bluish uniforms.

Rank Structure
  • Taisho (大将, General/Admiral): Broad yellow band, two blue tabs (conjectural)
  • Chujo (中将, Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral): Broad yellow band, one blue tab (conjectural)
  • Shousho (少将, Major General/Rear Admiral): Broad yellow band
  • Taisa (大佐, Colonel/Captain): Two narrow yellow bands, two blue tabs
  • Chusa (中佐, Lt. Colonel/Commander): Two narrow yellow bands, one blue tab
  • Shousa (少佐, Major/Lt. Commander): Two narrow yellow bands
  • Tai-i (大尉, Captain/Lieutenant): One narrow yellow band, two blue tabs
  • Chu-i (中尉, First Lieutenant/Lt. Junior Grade): One narrow yellow band, one blue tab
  • Shou-i (少尉, Second Lieutenant/Ensign): One narrow yellow band
    • Natarle Badgiruel, several Artemis and JOSH-A officers;
      Kira Yamato holds this rank after Archangel rendezvouses with the 8th fleet but never wears the rank insignia;
    • Orga Sabnak appears to also hold this rank.
  • Chief Petty Officer: unknown
  • Petty Officer 1st Class: Two yellow and two blue squares
    • several enlisted Archangel crewmen
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class: One white square, one yellow square, two blue squares
    • several enlisted Archangel crewmen
  • Jotohei (上等兵, Crewman 1st Class)
  • Nitohei (二等兵, Crewman 2nd Class)
    • Heliopolis students



Notes & Trivia

  • OMNI Enforcer is consistently misspelled as "OMNI Enfarcer" in the activation screen of mobile suits. This is the case in SEED, Destiny, their respective HD Remasters, and even the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Re: manga.
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