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The NoselIe is a mobile suit-use support basefrom the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Steel 7.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile suit support base, the Noselle is inspired by designs such as the Dodai YS and Gator used by Zeon forces during the last century. Though it can function both in space and on Earth, it lacks the ability to perform atmospheric re-entry unassisted. The Noselle can carry a single mobile suit and, thanks to its design, can be "driven" by said suit in a fashion similar to a personal watercraft. However, its main purpose is to function as a base of operations, much like the AEUG's FXA-08R Mega Rider. The main cockpit has seating for four, and further inside are living quarters for an extended deployment. 


  • Beam Cannons X 4


During the battle to stop the Jupiter Empire 's new colony laser, SNRI loans the Noselle to Tobia Arronax , who uses it to find and recruit the best pilots he can for the mission. When the newly formed "Steel 7" heads off to Jupiter, they stay in the relative comfort of the Noselle while en route, and afterwards the craft is used to help the Arana Abijo make up for its unbalanced performance.

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