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Nomoa Long/Professor Dorat (ノモア・ロング) is a fictional character from After War Gundam X.


A former scientist for the Space Revolutionary Army, Professor Dorat assumed a new identity following the chaos on Earth after the 7th Space War. Assuming the new identity of Nomoa Long, he continued his research into artificial Newtypes called Cyber Newtypes while also restoring the crashed mobile armor Patulia located under Fort Severn.

Dorat swore revenge on the United Nations Earth for leaving him on Earth, wanting to use the destructive power of the Patulia against them. In order to accomplish this however he needed a Newtype to act as the control system for the Patulia. Since he was unable to find one, Dorat used Carris Nautilus, using the young boys goals of defending Fort Severn to convince him to be turned into a Cyber Newtype. Dorat however abandoned his plans to use Carris when he learned of the existence of Tiffa Adill and had Carris capture her. The plot ultimately failed and Dorat instead used Carris to activate the Patulia as he had originally planned.

The activation of the Patulia destroyed much of Fort Severn, as did the fighting caused by the Gundams of the Freeden as they worked to stop the massive mobile armor. When the control room for the Patulia was breached by Garrod Ran, Dorat committed suicide rather than be taken alive.


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