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Nielsen Labs is the eleventh episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try.


Now that their end-of-term exams are over, the Try Fighters are going to a training camp to prepare for the national tournament which will take place during summer vacation. Mr. Ral has kindly arranged for them to visit the Nielsen Labs, a facility equipped with the industry's leading battle environment, where all the regular national tournament teams gather. There, Sekai and his comrades end up agreeing to a practice match against team White Wolf from the Gabai Institute, the representatives from Kagoshima, who were using the battle system for a mock battle. Thanks to Sekai, however, the Try Fighters arrive later than planned and find that in the meantime the White Wolf members have been wiped out by a single Gunpla. When Yuuma sees this Gunpla, he abruptly intervenes and challenges it to battle. Fumina and the others are bewildered by Yuuma's unexpected action, but it was this same Gunpla that drove Yuuma away from Gunpla Battle two years earlier.[1]




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