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Nicola Fafas(ニコラ・ファファス) is a fictional character from the After War Gundam X anime.


One of the many spies sent to Earth by the Space Revolutionary Army following the massive colony drop that ended the 7th Space War, Nicola Fafas was able to place himself within a NewType Testing lab. While using his cover as a scientist, Nicola was able to uncover information into the New United Nations Earth projects and regards towards NewTypes, he also uncovered files about Tiffa Adill. When Shagia and Olba Frost framed the lab as planning to join with the crew of the Freeden, Nicola barely escaped with Tiffa Adill. Using a secretly placed space shuttle, he was able to leave the Earth with Tiffa.

Upon returning to Cloud 9, Nicola was secretly arrested by agents of Seidel Rasso and executed for his findings and beliefs that NewTypes could be born on Earth. Before his death he was able to get a message out to his friend Lancerow Dawell of his findings, and asking him to aide Tiffa anyway that he can, for he feared now for the girls life.


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