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 Nibelung (ニーベルング Nīberungu?) is a powerful anti-aircraft cannon in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technical Informations

Designed as an anti-aircraft cannon, Nibelung consists of a single tall spire within a concave array of mirrors, which scatter the beams fired from the spire into a wide cone that annihilates everything in flight above it. The cannon is concealed beneath a false mountain and, when revealed, points directly upward to target any units being dropped from space. Its detail mechanism is unknown, but in the original anime, its visual effect suggests it to be some sort of combination of ZAFT's GENESIS superweapon and the Cyclops System. In the HD Remaster version, the effect is redrawn and has ZAFT's drop troops hit by small but countless beam shots that tear them apart.


The Nibelung system was built underneath a false mountain in Iceland and used to defend Heaven's Base, the Earth Alliance' military headquarters at that time. After Logos' existence was revealed to the world by Gilbert Durandal, the members of the group were assaulted by the people on Earth and the remaining members, among them Blue Cosmos leader Lord Djibril, fled to Heaven's Base. ZAFT however, together with a large number of EA defectors, attacked the base, which was protected by a large number of Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors. When ZAFT launched an orbital drop on the base, Nibelung was revealed and activated, destroying nearly all units dropped from space. The system's activation was however the last success of Logos during this battle as they soon lost to the Gundam-type mobile suits of the Minerva.

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