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The New United Nations Earth Officers are a group of fictional characters from the After War Gundam X anime.


A group of high ranking survivors of the United Nations Earth military and government, they are the ones that share rule of the New United Nations Earth government with Lord Fixx Bloodman. The main goal of the members is to regain the power that they had before the end of the 7th Space War, and bring the Earth under one ruling party so that the human race can survive in the post war era.

After the destruction of the colony laser by Garrod Ran, and the threat of attack by the Space Revolutionary Army, the committee pushes Fixx Bloodman to try and contact the S.R.A. so that they can work out a peaceful co-existence with the space colonies and avoid another destructive war. As the members leave the home of Fixx Bloodman on a private jet, the plane mysteriously crashes during a storm, supposedly because of a bomb planted on the plane by an S.R.A. spy.

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