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New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: A Scythe in My Right Hand, You in My Left Hand (新機動戦記ガンダムW(ウイング)外伝―右手に鎌を左手に君を Shin Kidou Senki Gandamu W (Uingu) Gaiden - Migite Ni Kama Wo Hidarite Ni Kun Wo?) is a novel written by Yuka Minagawa, published by Kodansha on March 4, 1996. It was re-released in a paperback edition on January 12, 2005.


Duo Maxwell was peripheral to the colonies, where he finds the OZ Lemming mobile suit, created with a system called Berserker Rage similar to the ZERO System.


Gundam Pilots


  • Sei
  • Louisa Lovecraft/Madam L
  • Adodera Gloria

Mobile Suits



  • In this novel apparently Wing Gundam Zero was launched at the same time as the original 5 Gundams sent to earth as part of Operation Meteor but was not included in OZ's data for some reason. The pilot is unknown. This causes Duo to be sent after the abandoned gundam in which he becomes the pilot of and not Heero. Another fact that's interesting is that this Wing Gundam Zero's only armament (besides vulcans) is a particle sword. It seems to lack the famous Twin Buster Rifle.


  • ISBN-10: 4-06-274950-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-4-06-274950-3

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