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New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Ground Zero (Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W: Ground Zero, 新機動戦記ガンダムW グランド・ゼロ) is a manga written and illustrated by Reku Fuyunaga with one volume originally released in a series of four comics in Japan in 1998, and in English from Viz Comics from August–November 2000, later in graphic-novel format from Viz Graphic Novels in April 2002.


Just when he thought life was returning to normal, Heero Yuy receives a cryptic message from a person claiming to have stolen the Wing Zero and requesting a rendezvous at a remote space station. There he finds the station deserted except for his fellow Gundam pilots all of whom have received similar messages. But only a handful of people are capable of piloting the Wing Zero... As tension and distrust grows, Heero is pitted against his comrades with mind control, assassination, and a loaded gun thrown into the standoff.

The story begins with the Gundam pilots inside a computer room. Duo Maxwell pulls up data on all of them, and then deletes it from the net when Heero Yuy says that all data related to them and their Gundams have been banned from the net.

Heero is then seen in a college basketball court standing on the boundary of said court. After several other students wonder who he is, revealing that he transferred in a week before, he then dashes forward and wins the game for his team. Later, Heero is seen sitting on a bench. He has a flashback in which Relena is seen telling Heero that the war is ended. He then recieves an email from an unknown sender that refers to Heero as "White Knight" and also states that the sender has stolen the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero, and tells him to go to point 4.20.17. Heero then goes to where he placed the Wing Zero to discover that the Zero is, in fact, missing.


  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Afterward


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