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The New Desides (ニュー ディサイズ Nyu Deisaizu) were a group of EFSF and Titans officers that were stationed at Pezun that staged a rebellion that overthrew the Federation leadership at the asteroid. Their name is a portamanteau of "decision" and "dissident". The New Desides swore to uphold the ideas and principles of the Titans following their defeat at the Gryps War and the loss of their leadership. The story of the New Desides is serialized in Gundam Sentinel, which takes place in the closing stages of the events of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam until its conclusion in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


On January 29, U.C. 0088, A group of junior officers in the Titans Mobile Suit Instructor Corps stationed at the remote asteroid Pezun near Side 2 (L4) stage a rebellion led by Brave Cod against the AEUG allied command of the facility in order to further their own ambitions. In response to this action, the Earth Federation government forms Task Force Alpha, a small force of EFSF, AEUG, and Karaba veterans in order to deal with this issue. In order to assist the task force, the Federation assigned the MSA-0011 S Gundam to the task force to complete the operation before the rebellion begins to spread to other locations. This leads to the events of Gundam Sentinel. It follows a series of clashes between both groups which last until April 4, UC 0088. This conflict is known as the "Pezun Rebellion", which ended with the complete destruction of the New Desides.

New Desides Members


The name New Desides is a motif, referencing the Shinsengumi. As the characters "Shin" (新) translates to "New", and "Sen"(撰) is transmogrified into the hybrid word "Desides", it reflects the group's rebellious nature. Also, its officers are also a homage to the Shinsengumi officers as well:

  • Brave Cod - Kondō Isami; "Isami" is translated to "Brave", and "Kondo" is shortened to "Cod".
  • Tosh Cray - Hijikata Toshizō; "Cray" refers to the last name "Hijikata" (土 meaning "earth") and "Tosh" is a shortening of "Toshizō".
  • Josh Offshore - Okita Sōji; "Josh" is westernized phonetically from "Souji". The word "offshore" is possibly referring to the meaning of the last name (沖 is "to wash", 田 is "to field").
  • First Side - Saitō Hajime; "First" refers to "Hajime", and "Side" is westernized phonetically from "Saito".

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