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Neuen Bitter (ノイエン・ビッター Noien Bitter) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. He was the Zeon commander of the Kimberlite Base in Africa.

Personality & Character

Neuen is a committed soldier, continuing the war against the Federation despite the war's official end, motivated because of his comrades who died during the conflict deserve to have the final victory. A supporter of Gihren Zabi, keeping is portrait in his quarters, Neuen supports Operation Stardust in hopes it will lead to the revival of Zeon.

Skills & Abilities

The fact that he was able to maintain the base for three years while living in hiding, with no prospect of adequate supplies, and had control of the personnel within the base, shows his high level of ability as a commander and his popularity. He is also highly skilled as a tactician and MS pilot, as he divides Albion's forces and aims to shoot down the flagship while buying time.


During the One Year War, he descended to Earth as a colonel and was assigned the task of sweeping up the Federation forces that had established a bridgehead in the Basque region (a diversion designed by the Federation forces to buy time to consolidate the European side of the Strait of Dover) before they could take control of France. He was also the commander of the 3rd Assault Maneuver Division of the Principality of Zeon's East African Army. After the end of the war, he and his troops were stranded in Africa. They would eventually come to construct the Kimberlite Base in an abandoned diamond mine not far from Mount Kilimanjaro, from which they continued the war against the Federation.

Neuen and his base would be instrumental in helping Anavel Gato and the stolen Gundam Unit 2 get back into space with the help of an HLV which had been stored at the base. Neuen would see Gato take off with the hopes of reviving Zeon. He made one final attempt to attack the bridge of the Albion before his death at the hands of Gundam pilot Kou Uraki. After his death Neuen's men surrender finally ending their resistance.


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