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Neo Zeon (ネオ・ジオン Neo Jion?) is a term given to three separate armed organizations involving forces from the old Principality of Zeon. These organizations were established at three different times in the Universal Century continuity, once just after the defeat of the Titans, another formed four years after the defeat of the first Neo Zeon movement and three years after the second Neo Zeon movement.

Neo Zeon (Axis)

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Axis Zeon (or simply Axis) were remnant members of the Principality of Zeon who, for various reasons, retreated to the giant asteroid Axis, at the end of the One Year War. Most members of this group seek to forcibly re-establish the Principality of Zeon. They were led by Haman Karn, who was chosen to rule over the Principality supporters, until Mineva Lao Zabi, remaining survivor of the Zabi family, became old enough to do so on her own. However, Mineva was merely Haman's puppet and tool to establish her right to lead.

Axis returned to the Earth Sphere on October 12, U.C. 0087, during the height of the Earth Federation's civil war, the Gryps Conflict. Both the Titans and the AEUG were eager to ally with the Axis fleet, thus virtually doubling their fleet. The AEUG was the first group to open negotiations with Axis, but failed as Haman chose to side with the Titans. Later, the AEUG secretly opened a second round of negotiations, where Haman agreed to assist them against the Titans. In truth, Haman's goal was to play the Titans and the AEUG against each other, so that whichever side emerged victorious would be sufficiently weakened, allowing her forces to overcome them and seize control of the Earth sphere.

For the next year or so, the bulk of the Earth Federation's military fought the newly created Neo Zeon army, led by the former anti-Titans group, Karaba and surviving members of the AEUG from the Gryps Conflict, as a group of young civilians from the Shangri-La colony, lead by Judau Ashta, joined the Argama's crew, becoming the pilots of the AEUG's new MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam, which struck a severe blow on Neo Zeon's forces. Despite this, many inside the Federation government chose to appease Haman, even after Haman dropped a colony in Dublin, as a show of Neo Zeon's strength and having their forces prevent all civilian attempts from evacuating to further the act. This caused massive civilian casualties that resulted in the near genocide of Dublin's population, had Karaba not intervened and rescued some of the civilians with the Audhumla before the Colony hit while the AEUG held off Haman's forces. Haman's movement, however, didn't go as planned, due to the rebellion of Glemy Toto (the self-proclaimed clone of Gihren Zabi), which resulted in a Neo Zeon civil war, thus concluding the first Neo Zeon movement after both had died during the final battle against the AEUG.

See also the article for First Neo Zeon War and Glemy Faction for more details.

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Newborn Neo Zeon

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In U.C. 0093, Zeon Zum Deikun's son, Casval Rem Deikun (aka Zeon's legendary ace, Char Aznable, the "Red Comet"), created a second Neo Zeon known as the "Newborn Neo Zeon (新生ネオ・ジオン Shinsei Neo Jion?)". This movement was founded under the ceremonial goal of "speeding up" the space migration of all of humanity, so the theoretical evolution of humanity into Newtypes could be realized. Char's plan involved a series of massive asteroid drops against the Earth, ultimately leading to an eternal nuclear winter, rendering the planet uninhabitable. The final collision attempt was to involve the Axis asteroid, headquarters of the previous Neo Zeon movement. The plan was ultimately foiled by the Federation's Londo Bell taskforce, headed by Bright Noa, and Char's old adversary from the One Year War, Amuro Ray.  Both Amuro and Char were lost at the end of the conflict.

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Neo Zeon Remnants (The Sleeves)

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The remnants of the Second Neo Zeon Movement (Neo Zeon remnants (ネオ・ジオン残党 Neo Jion zantou?) fell into isolation for two years under the leadership of Full Frontal, a Cyber Newtype altered to look like the missing in action Char Aznable. They were revived in U.C. 0096 and nicknamed "The Sleeves (袖付き Sodetsuki?)" by Federation Forces because of the ornate sleeve designs on their mobile suits. The organization has no plans for further production since obtaining their MS from Anaheim Electronics three years ago, making many of their machines one-off designs. Therefore, it is not recognized as a legitimate military organization by the Federation, leading them to be regarded as a terrorist organization. It has a considerably large force with numerous Zeon sympathizers hiding on Earth. It has no formal relations with the Republic of Zeon government, however, it is linked with government officials and behind the scenes activities associated with a certain right-wing political organization of the Republic. They began their revival plan by receiving the "Laplace's Box" from the Vist Foundation, a mysterious object said to be the only thing that could topple the Earth Federation. However, this transaction would be thwarted by a combination of the Londo Bell task-force, the Federation's special forces unit ECOAS, and the Vist Foundation's RX-0 Unicorn Gundam piloted by Banagher Links, the illegitimate son of Cardeas Vist.

At the end of the Laplace Conflict, in U.C. 0100, the Republic of Zeon officially rejoined the Earth Federation, and this would effectively be the end of Zeon movements until their re-emergence as Mars Zeon/Oldsmobile in U.C.0120.

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