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Neo America (ネオアメリカ Neo Amerika?) is the name of the space colony for the former United States of America from the Future Century timeline, first featured in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam television series. The Neo America colony is dotted with re-creations of famous American landmarks, the originals having long since been destroyed or damaged as a result of past wars and Gundam Fights. Neo America is also the first colony to take action after the Devil Gundam is brought back to life by Ulube Ishikawa on the Neo Japan colony. They use their Statue of Liberty Cannon which has no effect and is then destroyed by the Devil Gundam.

Gundam Fighters

Chibodee Crocket is the Neo America Gundam fighter during the 13th Gundam Fight in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He pilots the GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter. Chibodee makes it to the Gundam Finals in Neo Hong Kong but is ultimately defeated when, along with Neo-France's George De Sand (a fellow Shuffle Alliance member), keep true to their promise to Domon Kasshu and fall victim to Neo England's Gentle Chapman who is under the influence of Master Asia and DG Cells. Chapman's GF13-003NEL John Bull Gundam transforms into Grand Gundam. Chibodee sacrifices his chance of winning the tournament to bring down Grand Gundam.

Previous Neo America Gundam fighters include Phia Philadel in the GF2-014NA Gundam Freedom who fought in the 2nd Gundam Fight and Max Burns in the GF7-023NA Gundam Freedom during the 7th Gundam Fight.


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