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Nena Trinity (ネーナ・トリニティ Nēna Toriniti?) is a character that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Nena is the youngest member of Team Trinity and the pilot of GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei in Season 1. In Season 2, in addition to Throne Drei, she also pilots GNW-003/SH Liang.

Personality & Character

Nena is overall: impulsive, egotistical, sadistic, immature, flirtatious, and has sociopathic tendencies to her judgment. Although she believes in changing the world, she also has a sick sense of humor in randomly hurting and even killing people based on her whim and personal "logic", making her the most trigger-happy and murderous of the siblings. Due to the way she was created, she has a limited sense of moral and ethics; she's able to kill without reserve nor regret. It is possible that she even has a deep-seated overall contempt, maybe even a possible hatred for all of humankind itself, as evidenced by said sadism and sociopathic tendencies. The only thing of any importance to her are her brothers.

Nena loved her brothers beyond the cause of Celestial Being. The most pivotal moment in her life was when Ali al-Saachez killed both Michael and Johann. After their deaths, and with it, the end of Team Trinity, she sought refuge under Wang Liu Mei in order to survive and bide her time for revenge.

By AD 2312 (season 2), Nena devoted herself to Wang Liu Mei as part of Celestial Being's black ops intelligence. She's often tasked with gathering new intelligence for Liu Mei and CB. Due to Liu Mei's involvement with the Innovators, Nena always eavesdrops on their communications to uncover any ulterior motives. Yet another turning point in her life was when she re-encountered Ali al-Saachez.

When Nena realized Liu Mei had been working with the people involved in her brothers' deaths, she had hoped Liu Mei would reconsider her allegiance to them, but when that failed, she turned to Regene Regetta for a new agenda. Because she no longer had loyalties to Liu Mei or the Innovators, she assisted in CB's quest to stop the latter. She eventually betrayed Liu Mei and rekindled her path for vengeance; unfortunately, her insurrection would be extremely short lived.

Skills & Abilities

Nena was made with the help of the DNA of Ribbons Almark. She has the ability to communicate with Veda and eavesdrop quantum brainwave communications between the Innovators, but it is unknown if she is considered an Innovade. Nena has shown herself skilled in the use of basic firearms and MS piloting.


World Armed Intervention Campaign

Rescuing the Gundam Meisters

Nena and her siblings received their first orders from Laguna Harvey to sortie and rescue the Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being. She saved Setsuna F. Seiei from getting killed by the AEU-09Y812/A al-Saachez's AEU Enact Custom Agrissa Type docked with the AEU-MA07013 Agrissa Type 13. After introductions to Setsuna, the rest of her brothers made quick work with enemy units and had Nena activate her GN Stealth Field for escape. She and her brothers made it to space within their Trinity Mothership, reviewing the Meister's performance upon their interventions before meeting them.

Meeting Amongst Meisters

Nena kissing Setsuna

Team Trinity and the main group agreed to meet and talk on board CBS-70 Ptolemaios. Johann escorted Nena and Micheal with Throne Eins towards an airlock for entrance. Nena was last to introduce herself and waved her "victory" sign towards the group. She quickly wanted to know who was the Meister to Exia and at first thought it was Tieria, but then Setsuna come out to identify himself. She floated over to grab Setsuna and kissed him on the lips (much to his surprise). Setsuna then punched her away, which caused tension between both sides as Michael got angry with Setsuna, Lockon answered back and Michael pulled out his knife to Lockon. Johann brought the situation under control, and Nena, along with the rest of the crew, went to the living room cabin. Nena got bored and wanted to tour around Ptolemy to entertain herself. She wanted Setsuna to come, but she was brushed off. Nena exited the room and went towards Veda's terminal without permission. Tieria Erde was surprised that someone had access to Veda's terminal and demanded to know how Nena entered. Nena hinted that she got in the same way Tieria does and went back to her brothers and returned to their mothership. Since their last meeting, Nena and her brothers has been taking independent missions from Veda by total annihilation tactics upon military facilities and bases. Nena and her siblings made Setsuna suspicious of their actions/motives with their interventions.

Random Attack in Spain

While passing through Spain on a mission, Nena made a random attack upon Louise Halevy's family. Louise's family was celebrating her cousin's wedding when Nena spotted them having a good time within an old Spaniard castle. She couldn't stand how everyone she's watching is having a good time while she suffers dealing with her worldly missions. She felt they were better off dead and fired upon the Halevy family. The first shot killed all of Louise's family and the second fire had a wall crush on top of Louise, critically injuring her and costing her left hand. When Johann asked why she did this, Nena jokingly replied that "her finger slipped". This attack convinced Setsuna that they aren't real Meisters, and he attacked the three, and was joined by Tieria in Gundam Virtue. Tieria was about to put an end to Nena's life when her suit was affected by GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh's "Trial System", but they managed to escape due to outside interference via Alejandro Corner and Ribbons Almark.

Operation Fallen Angels

Not long after, the UN Forces was established and they used their recently acquired GNX-603T GN-Xs for combat against the Meisters. Sergei Smirnov was able out-maneuver Nena's Throne Drei and even kicked her mobile suit. Johann decided a tactical retreat was necessary since they weren't clear about their opponent's capabilities. Even though they escaped, it didn't take long for their hidden base in Africa to be discovered and they were forced to fight and go into hiding until they could reach space.

End of Team Trinity

While on the run from UN Forces and attempting to escape into space, Ali al-Saachez discovered the Trinity's hiding spot. In front of Nena's eyes, he killed Michael with a gunshot and proceeded to hijack his GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei and destroyed GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins, killing Johann inside. Ali then engaged Nena, taunting her about how "beautiful" the GN particles of the Eins looked, and quickly overpowered her. As Ali was about to finish her, Setsuna intervened and fought Ali. Nena witnessed how Gundam Exia activated the Trans-Am System and forced Ali to retreat. Nena already fled on her own, mourning the loss of her brothers.

Seeking Refuge

Not long after mourning the deaths of her brothers, Nena swore to avenge them. Without any resources, she sought refuge from Wang Liu Mei and she accepted. Nena also gave Liu Mei access to the Trinity Mothership as her personal transport in space. Four years since the defeat of Celestial Being, Nena accompanies Liu Mei and Hong Long to a secret asteroid base to discuss the progress of the new Gundams.

Celestial Being Shadow

Scouting Federation Detention Center

After Celestial Being resurfaced, Nane was sent out in the GNW-003/SH Liang to scout an Earth Sphere Federation Forces' dissident detention center on Earth as Wang Liu Mei had received information that Allelujah Haptism, a Gundam Meister who went missing four years ago, is alive, but captured and held there. After confirming the information is accurate, Nena also informed Liu Mei that A-Laws forces have appeared on the scene. She was then recalled by Liu Mei and flew off in the Liang.

Aiding Katharon

A Middle Eastern base of the anti-government organization Katharon survived an A-Laws' assault thanks to intervention from Celestial Being. Nena's Liang was then deployed to deliver food and supplies needed for evacuating the survivors. Elsewhere, Wang explained to Hong Long that Nena was necessary to deceive the Innovators due to her Quantum Brainwaves.

Brother's Killer

Nena later accompanied Wang to meet the Innovators, and seems to eavesdrop on their conservation from afar using her connection to Veda. Her concentration is then interrupted by Ali. Recognizing her brothers' killer, she attempted to kill him but he easily restrains her. He soon lets her go, warning her that he'd kill her if she "have a go" at him. After seeing Memento Mori's attack, Nena, with a bruise on her cheek, laughs and noted that it made her day. She later asked Wang if she was going to support both Celestial Being and the Innovators; Wang answered that she's not as special as she though she is. Nena curses her, as Wang is working with the ones who killed her brothers.

Going Rogue

When Celestial Being and Katharon attempted to destroy Memento Mori, Nena overheard Wang learning of the current events. She decides that she won't let things go Wang's way. She leaks data on Memento Mori to Ptolemy 2, revealing its weakpoint. Once the superweapon is destroyed, Nena provided long-ranged cover fire for Setsuna/00 Raiser, distracting Hiling Care/GNZ-003 Gadessa.

Nena/Liang later approached Setsuna/00 Raiser when he found debris from Ptolemy 2. She acted flirtatiously at him and commented on how handsome he is, prompting him to point the 00 Raiser's weapons at the Liang; she reinforces that she helped him and informs him that Ptolemy 2 had fell to Earth. She transmitted the battle data to him, but he quickly rushes away before she could say more. Haro jokes that she had been dumped, so she pounded him.

Trinity Vengeance

Fall of the Mistress

Four months after Break Pillar, Nena decided to show Wang the error of her ways - by killing her. She disables the systems on the Trinity Mothership, before firing on it using the Gundam Throne Drei that was stored in the Liang. Wang and Hong Long somehow survived the attack, and arrived at the Eclipse colony in L5 in a small spacecraft with injuries. Nena tailed them and interrupted their talk. Nena tried to shoot Wang but Hong Long took the shot, pushing Wang to safety at the cost of his life. Nena then stopped the pursuit as Regene Regetta suggested. Wang later met with Setsuna and gave him the coordinates of Veda. As Setsuna/00 Raiser is fighting with Mr. Bushido/Susanowo, Wang left Eclipse in her small spacecraft. Nena pursued with the Throne Drei and killed her.


Nena laughs, mirthfully, after killing Wang, stating her intention to then turn on the Innovators in order to avenge her brothers. Suddenly, Ribbons Almark hijacks her Haro with the aid of Veda and says that she'll be judged. Nena expects Ali al-Saachez, but Louise Halevy arrives instead in the GNMA-0001V Regnant, instantly destroying the Drei's left arm from afar with an arcing beam. Louise recognizes the Throne Drei as the suit that killed her family four years prior, and flies into a rage, shooting off the Throne Drei's legs with a second shot. Nena counterattacks with Throne Drei's GN Handgun, responding to Louise's outcries of losing her family by saying that she herself has lost her brothers, and tells Louise to not think that she's the only one who's suffered. Louise, however, mauls the Throne Drei with her Regnant's GN Fangs, leaving only its head and torso. Nena, as her cockpit sparks, says that, being bred to fight, she doesn't intend to die. Louise, in response to Nena's earlier retort, says that she understands, but says that killing her family was unforgivable, and plunged the Regnant's claws through the Throne Drei's cockpit. Nena, with her last breath, curses Louise, and the Throne Drei explodes soon afterwards.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being To all of organization, Team Trinity's existence was a complete surprise. It's unclear how they came to exist, but the observers recognized Team Trinity and their Gundams as part of changing the world.

Nena apparently has similar abilities to Tieria Erde (according to her) when she accessed Veda. It's unclear if she can make a mental connection with Veda like Tieria or she merely had secret access capabilities to Veda's terminal on Ptolemaios.
Michael is the younger big brother and middle child of the siblings. He is the most protective to Nena and easily becomes angry whenever she has her sights on another man. While immature and prone to violence, he also prioritizes his sister over a fight.
Johann is Nena's leader to the team as well as eldest brother. She's tends to misbehave without his attention. Nena often provides combat support for Johann as her Gundam provides additional GN particles for Johann's mobile suit. Johann had Nena run away when Ali al-Saachez was about to kill them. He engaged mobile suit combat with Ali and died when GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins was destroyed before her eyes.
This purple Haro is an 80-year-old model, it aids Nena in processing the huge amount of data collected by the sensors of her GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei and also provides assistance in operating her Gundam. Additionally, it monitors the systems onboard the Trinity Mothership. When confronted by the Ptolemaios' Haro calling it its "brother," it responded by knocking it away.
  • Crew of Ptolemaios & Gundam Meisters
The remaining Gundam Meister's and crew of Ptolemy only got acquainted with her and don't have any sort of professional or friendly relations with her or her siblings.
She became infatuated with Setsuna for his reckless way of acting that almost got him killed. When first meeting Setsuna, she immediately proceeded to kiss him (much to Setsuna's dislike). After Nena attacked innocent civilians, Setsuna attacked the Throne Gundams and refuse to acknowledge the Throne Gundams as true Gundams. After that altercation, she regretted kissing him; however, he later saved her life from Ali al-Saachez. It is unclear if that changed her feelings towards him. In episode 13 of Season 2 after Memento Mori was destroyed, in Riian, she provided cover fire for Setsuna as he was retreating with Hilling Care tailing him in a Gadessa. She still is infatuated with him though, and once again flirted with him saying he was handsome. He ignores this and nearly shoots her until she tells him that she supplied the weak point to Memento Mori to Celestial Being and had saved his life just then. He spares her, but still ignores her advances and leaves while she's in mid-sentence while talking to him.
  • Agents/Observers
After the loss of her brothers, Nena sought sanctuary in Wang Liu Mei. At first, the relationship between them was stable, with her accompanying Liu Mei and Hong Long to visit Ian Vashti. However, tensions increase and Nena later despises her when she finds out that Liu Mei is in league with the people that killed her brothers, not to mention Liu Mei letting Nena know how unimportant she is. She then begins undermining her efforts and ultimately kills Liu Mei.
Laguna Harvey is a observer and traitor to Celestial Being, he built the Gundam Thrones upon Alejandro Corner's instructions. He was instructing the Team Trinity the entire time. After his assassination and the death of her brothers, Nena was forced to seek refuge under Wang Liu Mei.


Through her limited contact with Veda, Nena mistakenly thought that Ribbons Almark might be able to assist her in avenging her brothers. While trying to contact Ribbons, she met Regene who told her the link between Ribbons and Ali al-Saachez. With her GNW-003 Gundam Throne Drei unlikely to defeat Ali's GNW-20000 Arche Gundam, Nena approached Regene for a new mobile suit. She felt that since Ali is Ribbons' capable helper, Regene, who was trying to oust Ribbons, would find it beneficial to strengthen her so that she could remove this 'obstacle'. Regene agreed to help and suggested the development of the GNW-20003 Arche Gundam Drei. Although Regene's offer of the Arche Gundam Drei is a mockery of Nena as she would be using the same type of MS as Ali, she accepted it as she viewed killing Ali to be more important.
Ribbons is the father to the Trinities. Using his own genetic material as a template, the Trinity siblings were created to aid in his personal agenda. However, he never cared for his children; he treated them like chess pieces and didn't feel a thing when they were killed.


Notes & Trivia

  • In Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen, Nena tried to kill Ranka Lee in the Seikan Hikou event (the same event where Setsuna was amazed with Ranka's song and assumed the song was a Gundam due to the fact that the song was able to stop the rampaging Zentradis) due to her jealously towards Ranka who was hailed by both allies and foes in the event. But her efforts were easily thwarted by Eida Rossa in her R-Daigun. Feeling defeated, Nena fled from the battlefield with her siblings.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z2 Saisei-hen, Nena observes Ali al-Saachez's burning of the Azadistanian capital from a distance in her Liang, angered at her inability to do anything about him. Depending on whether or not the player chose to trust Zero and decide the way the world would be ruled, Nena would be killed by Louise in either Mission 51 or Mission 52, immediately after she succeeds in eliminating Wang Liu Mei. However, the implication of Nena being killed as a result of impalement is removed entirely in favor of her suffering from severe internal bleeding upon taking a direct hit from the Regnant's tracking laser.
  • In the Mobage phone game Super Robot Wars Card Chronicle, Nena Trinity makes her playable debut in the Super Robot Wars series as an Ultra Rare character, though her playable role is exclusively as a novelty.  Her role in the main game is similar to Hakai-hen in which she and her brothers are fought, but she only appeared in one chapter. She wouldn't receive full playable status in Super Robot Wars until Cross-Ω, where an exclusive event was dedicated to her getting revenge on Embryo, who orchestrated her brothers' deaths, and would be redeemed in the eyes of the heroes.
  • Mina Carmine & Nena Trinity share the same voice actress (Japanese and US dub). Not only that, but their appearances are also similar, sharing the same eye color, but Mina's hair being a darker shade of red.
  • In the stage adaptation of the Second Season of Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Hakai ni Yoru Kakusei Re:(in)novation, she doesn't die and is seen leaving, backpacking around the world.


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